Thursday, July 6

a near perfect day

I woke up to find the other half of the bed empty. Carlo had left at 6.30am to go to Salerno. About 16 miles by sea, he canoed there. For the fun of it. Predictably all the locals told him he was crazy, but he came back very satisfied with himself. If he carries on at this rate I won't have to buy him an air ticket to go to England anymore, just pack him some food and send him off in his canoe!

I rolled over and stretched. Skye was pulling at my arm, urging me to wake up.
"Mummeee!It's not night time anymore! It's daytime, look! Come on let's go!"
We had a lazy breakfast of toast with blackberry jam, yoghurt and muesli, green tea and Chocolate milk for Skye. After a girly what to wear moment from me and the 3 year old ("no, only pink, mamma") we strolled down to the pier and caught the red fish boat which took us to a small beach.We met up with friends and swam in the crystal clear waters. We lazed and chatted at the edge of the sea and tried to teach Skye to swim.
At lunchtime we pulled two tables together and surrounded by semi-naked men I feasted on mozzerella grilled on lemon leaves, spaghetti with clams, marinated seafood and some very nice wine (me and my men, not the munchkin). The skies became gray and it looked like it might rain, but it passed and we dozed on the beach, full and satisfied.
We caught the boat back to town and wasted some time on the pier, people watching. A very kind friend had been shopping in Naples and had brought me back some wine, so, if you will excuse me, I am now going to open a bottle and watch a film, satisfied that living here definately has its good points.


  1. I LOVE toast w/jam. Sounds like you had a relaxing day! :)

  2. What a wonderful day! Enjoy your wine and film!

  3. Wow, sounds great, when can I come visit? ;-)


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