Monday, July 10


Overwhelmed by 11 gladiators, the dear exsistence of France has finished.Many people gathered in the Piazza Mulini where a big screen had been hung between the buildings. The atmosphere was electric, emotions were high, and it all payed off...
As party time kicked in!
Even the bus joined in with Forza Italia as its destination! The bus driver was not too happy about the impromtu party on the roof though!Then everyone took to the streets in car, on bike with flags streaming and fog horns blowing.
I don't know how long the partying went on for , because I had a very tired, very heavy girl on me for most of the evening, so I took her home at midnight.


  1. We had a party for three last night, but ooooooh how I wish I could have been a part of this in Italy!!! BRAVI RAGAZZI!! BRAVA ITALIA!!!

  2. ahhhh i wish i had still been in italy for the game! i came home just a few days too soon - it wasnt quite the same watching it on my bro's couch :(

  3. I wish I had been there too, I can't even imagine the excitement and electricity in the air! And no, it wasn't quite the same watching from my couch at home either!

  4. Wasn't that awesome!
    Shame I was home with sleeping son, while hubby was partying his marbles out!
    Love your pic with Poppy, it's too sweet.
    Campioni del Mondo
    per la 4°volta!!!

  5. Last car carousel came over at 04.10 am...............uhm.....I was
    sleeping already !!!!! What you missed Nicky is the incredible
    fireworks!!! Everywhere in town , from gardens, roofs,little squares,
    streets ,colored and very noisy fireworks started and believe me it
    was even more exciting than New Years Eve!!
    I hardly stay awake till late , but there was no way for me to miss
    this incredible happening.
    Hope next time ( in 4 years )you and Poppy will be able to wait till
    the end.!! Ciao

  6. Bravissima Niki.. ma si può tradurre in italiano? Ok chiedo troppo... C'è un programma o qualcosa del genere in internet per farlo? cmq bravissima

  7. We were partying until very late last night! What a great game. CAMPIONI DEL MONDO! It would have been great to be in Italy though.

  8. it was a great game! awesome!! and the party in NY looked similar...!!! everyone went nuts!!!

  9. Will you hate me if I tell you I was pulling for France?

    :-) Congrats to Italy!


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