Wednesday, July 26

Denzel Wahsington/ tooth tale

Here is Denzel Washington, just as he was leaving Positano. Over the last few days, other VIPS in town have been: the Italian President, Prodi, who honestly I wouldn't have known even if he sat down next to me and introduced himself. A Red Hot Chilli Pepper has apparantly stopped by after visiting Woody Harrelson who is holed up in a villa in a nearby town while his wife gives birth. Apparantly George Clooney is on his way here too...but you should never believe everything you read in the papers, especially the local ones!

Changing the subject, while relaxing on the sofa with my darling family last night, Skye dug behind a cushion and pulled something out, clutching it tightly in her fist.
“I got a special fing, Mummy!” she told me happily.
“Have you? Let me see, what is it?”
She hid her hand behind her back, so I tickled her until she surrendered and handed over her special thing.

It was a HUMAN WISDOM TOOTH. A used one.
“Bleeugh!” I shouted in horror, and without thinking I turned to Carlo and asked, “Did you bring this home from work with you ?”
There was a moment of silence as an image of him bringing dead body parts home for his daughter to play with flashed through both our minds.
“Sorry, don't answer that,” I said sheepishly. “Skye, WHERE did you get that from?”
“The beach. Give it back, its mine!”
Carlo disposed of the tooth. I washed her hands.
How does someone lose a wisdom tooth on the beach?


  1. thanks again for another Denzel photo. I cannot believe he is 52.

  2. oh my god you got me laughing out loud - for real! I can't write, I don't see the screen for the tears in my eyes because I'm laughing so much!!!

  3. I would have to move out AND buy a new couch and maybe trade in my daughter.

  4. You live in the best place on Earth! Not counting those stairs...

  5. I have the coolest neice in the world x

  6. well, good for her not being scared about the tooth...obviously anyone else would have been (read ME)
    Re Denzel and co... a friend of mine this morning met Al Pacino and Rod Stewart strolling around the flesh! So, there is a wave of VIPs indeed...
    I only spotted Michelle HUnziker which outside of Italy!

  7. obviously, they pulled the wisdom tooth off a dead person and then took it to the beach to decorate sandcastles...

  8. Well, it's not that weird. You have 3 possibilities-- either the wisdom tooth washed down to the beach from somewhere, washed on to the beach from the water, or has been on the beach for a while. Did it have roots? And props to you for being able to tell it was a third molar and not second or first! I'm assuming you did it like the rest of us with the cusp arrangement and root form (if it had roots, otherwise I am way impressed! We debate about that all the time in the lab). probably off some long-dead person. People parts are often all over populated areas that have been that way for a while..


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