Saturday, July 29

A person I know has been bitten by a horse. One of those horses that pull carriages for the tourists in Sorrento. It wasn't a particularly bad bite, but just to be safe, he is now on antibiotics and is refraining from going to the beach...
What? What on earth does going to the beach have to do with recovery from small bite by horse? Honestly, these locals and their horror of 'illness by animal' is quite absurd.

I got bitten by a dog once when I went to visit Gianni in his Valley and his 24 dogs. It was quite a bad bite, it chopped through three freckles on the back of my leg, so that now there are six freckles around the scar. But I had just climbed up half a mountain to see Gianni and wasn't going to let a dog bite ruin my woodland lunch. We mopped up the blood with an old rag and poured some gin on it to disinfect, and rubbed a bit of lemon on it for good measure.

When I later limped back into town, everyone was horrified. I was told by various well meaning locals to go to the pharmacy, get a tetanus shot, get a rabies shot, go to hospital, amputate my leg before I became a werewolf, etc etc. I couldn't be bothered, the gin was good enough for me, and of course that shocked the locals even more. I knew I was fine, Gianni knows his dogs and would have told me if there was any need to panic.

Another experience of 'certain death or illness by animal' was when I was pregnant. The Doctor said to me, perfectly seriously, “You have a cat at home, yes? Well you'll have to get rid of it now.”

Now, I already knew that there is a serious disease that can be passed from cat or cat poo to pregnant woman and baby, but to throw out the cat? A bit extreme don't you think? In the English/American books I read on the subject they merely suggest you avoid cleaning the cat litter. I ignored his advice, of course and today still have the cat, who probably wishes that I had taken the Doctors advice 4 years ago and thrown her out. The poor creature is tortured daily by my daughter and I often have to rescue her from being nearly hugged to death.


  1. Sometimes, men are such babies!
    There's a commercial on over here, where a guy is having a cold, and sneezing, and feeling miserable - then he looks up at the camera and goes "You women talk about giving birth... but you should know how it feels when a man has a BAD cold!" - and a female voice in the background suggest some medicine... how about him getting a grip and stop being a big baby?
    A splinter in a finger is NOT the cause for amputation - I know, trust me.

    And a horsebite? I wonder how he'd feel if he had a horse stomping on his foot... :)

  2. Was just asking you to attach a picture of your cat .
    She's really beautiful !
    btw....who is this, so called, doctor who told you to get rid of your cat??


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