Sunday, July 16


Text message from Babysitter girl at 21.19 Saturday evening:

"Hi Nicki I am mortified but tonight a bit of the fever has risen and a bit of low pressure, I hope it will pass by tomorrow, I will let you know..."

Oh, what a surprise, that mysterious Saturday night illness that affects her so often...on a Saturday night. Alas, the poor girl is still weak at 7am:

"Hi Nicki I am sorry but I can't do it. I feel with little strength, sorry, kisses."

The kisses bit does not help. Skye has been sent off to work with her father for the day in the dangerous land of exploding zombies (see last post).

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about our restaurant experience on Thursday. Nothing odd really, just your usual alledged Dutch porn star licking the oiled-up bodies of the staff while we were having lunch...


  1. I hope it was a flavoured oil.

  2. Did you ever get in touch with the woman on Expats?

    I can't decide if that guy looks embarrassed, pleased or just very uncomfortable.

    The porn stars can speak all they want about how they too are serious actors, but have they never heard of such a thing as leaving the job in the workplace and stepping out of the role? Or are they all Method actors?

    oh, and are we ever going to hear about the exploding coffin?
    You know, my husband has a somewhat sick obsession with zombie/horror movies. I think he'd enjoy talking with Carlo. :)

  3. okay, why was she licking this guy in the middle of the ristorante? I think he's wondering where that tongue has been.

  4. hmm, was he the appetizer or dessert?


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