Monday, July 3

Montepertuso festival

Tne whole village was lit up with lights and everybody was out to celebrate.The Madonna is brought down from the hole in a candlelit procession which ends at the church...
Where there was a marching band and ticker tape, followed by...
a firework display that lit up the mountainside. Here to the left of the firework you can see the hole in the mountainside.
I am happy to report that there were no fires in the mountain this year, the fireworks were spectacular and everyone was very happy.


  1. Really beautiful. You wrote that they do this every year, so I'll put this on my to-do-list. One of these years I'll be down there in time for the occasion.

    btw, stick with your style, there are many of us who know to appreciate you just the way you are. For what it's worth, reading your blog is optional.

  2. Very beautiful! I wish we had things like that here. Well, I suppose you can count the 4th of July celebrations that we'll be having tomorrow, but those just don't seem as exciting or special at the ones in Italy.

    And I also love your style and look forward to reading your blog!

  3. I love your would not be the same without it. All my friends read it every time they're over here and they love it...they show other people and I hear such good feed back - DO NOT CHANGE YOUR STLYE OF WRITING! - your the best....keep it up.
    Love fish thigh xx


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