Monday, July 17

the yellow man

Once upon a time in a small village in a far away land, a very old man passed away. His family buried him in the local cemetary and left flowers and candles on the fresh grave. As they walked out the cemetary gates, the caretaker scratched his head and turned to his colleague.

"We're full," he said, "there's no more space in the ground."
His colleague rubbed his chin and sighed.

"We'll 'aff to start recycling plots, I reckon. Least it's the right time o' year, if we got full in 't summer we'd 'aff to wait 'til autumn, and then what?"

"Doesn't bear thinking about, does it?" The caretaker paced around for a bit, looking at the dates etched into the marble crosses. He wandered around searching for graves that dated ten years back or more and eventually came to a patch with a few likely suspects.
" Lets start with these two" said the caretaker, standing over two flowerless graves. "They don't have any relatives left so we could do it tomorrow."
'Yippee' said his colleague, gloomily.

Bright and early the next morning, the two men started digging. After about an hour they hit wood, and carefully scraped earth off the top of the coffin. They dug around the sides and somehow lifted it out of the hole, with a bit of huffing and puffing for effect.
"Right, lets open it and get the bones out. You can wash them and put them in the new container and I'll take care of the coffin."
"Eh, thanks mate," said his colleague, gloomily.

But as they pulled open the lid, their plans rapidly changed, for lying there before them was a man. A whole man. Perfectly preserved, he looked as if he was sleeping. Except that his skin was bright yellow.
"Holy crap!" exclaimed the caretaker, staring in horror.
"Oh, bugger," said his colleague, gloomily....

To be continued...or not , that is the question. I would like some input from you guys. Do you want to hear the rest of this little story or not? (It gets worse).But of course it is only a story.
Oh, and by the way, any similarity to any person living or dead is, of course, purely coincidental.


  1. YES we want to hear the rest of it. NOW, would be good! :)

  2. I have to hear the in suspense now - and off to dinner tonight with Niall to talk about exploding coffins and the like - what better way to spend a night in San dan x

  3. Can't wait................please continue the story !!!

  4. ...well???
    Looks like everyone is waiting for the crescendo ending...
    will we have it?

  5. I wanna hear it I wanna hear it I wanna hear it I wanna hear it I wanna hear it!!!



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