Friday, August 4

no no no!

When I wrote the 'just-gotta-have-shade' post I was hoping that somebody with...influence might read it and take action.

Then a regional newspaper picked up on it and I was very happy that the issue had been taken further. It didn't bother me that I got no credit, because frankly, the shade and seating on the pier is more important.

But, today, while I was wandering around on the pier I found this, which wasn't there before:

It is not quite what I had in mind...

(And, whilst on the subject of stupidity, today I walked past Lenny Kravitz, and thought dreamily to myself, 'that guy looks just like Lenny Kravitz!'
So, um, sorry, no photo.Again.)


  1. Well, I suppose it's better than nothing!

    And why are there never any celebrities when I'm there?!

  2. I agree too.......It's Better than nothing !!!
    Celebrities.....who cares !! They are on holiday ...............and to work!!!
    Have a noce day !

  3. Ha ha - I do that all the time here in NYC. John and I will be walking down the street, I'll say to him, "That guy looks just like Richard Dreyfuss..." and John will say, "That's because it IS!" Silly me. :)

  4. Cara Niki le foto di Lenny Kravit le puoi prendere dal mio sito senza problemi e usali per il blog! Io non mi metto a far tanti casini per questo..:-) Scherzo.. però sono d'accordo con te è una vergogna mettere solo questo per il sole.. brava!
    The giornalist.. (che critichi sempre!) Michele Cinque 3381830438

  5. re shade: typical Positano reaction...
    re celebs: you know why you didn't fuss about him? Because lately there are so many we start to think it cannot be them...for real!

  6. Well, now I know why I never see any stars in Italy. They are ALL down there in Positano! So jealous, jealous, jealous.....


  7. the umbrella is a perfect example of how politicians deal with stuff. 'you want shade? I will give shade to my people!!'

  8. Is it true that when they finally opened the umbrella, it said reserved?


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