Friday, August 18

say cheese

Hey, lets do a family portrait! The last one we did was years ago when Skye was only 6 weeks old.
Mel, you take the photo, I'll just, oof, climb up onto this wall here. Carlo, you hold her, aaah, no wait! Her shoe is caught on my top...I'm not ready yet,what? I had my eyes closed, ok, do another....Skye, look at Mel, LOOK AT MEL!... No, not up in the sky, look at the camera, just for a moment. Smile! SMILE... That was not a smile... You're not going to smile are you?.....


  1. Picture perfect!
    That's it.

  2. I think that we can all agree that that is one fabulous looking family.

  3. Its the same way with my children and myself.
    Very cute family.

  4. I discovered your blog about two weeks ago and have really enjoyed reading about your experiences in Positano.

    You have a great outlook on life!

    Beautiful family picture.

  5. What a gorgeous family portrait! :)


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