Wednesday, August 23

wine and peaches

I am feeling a bit fragile this morning. Only a bit though, I think I will survive, then forget and drink too much again one day. Last night we went out on another boat trip, down the coast towards Amalfi. Do you think I am going out a bit too often? Having way too much fun? Well it's August, I have to make the most of it! Come November everything will start shutting down and all the people will be gone. I will wallow in loneliness, months of empty evenings stretching out infront of me...

So, now it is time to make the most of it. So last night we cracked open the prosecco, piled onto the boat and headed out to sea. Off the coast we stopped for a halfhearted attempt at squid fishing. The ladies lay back on the cushion, sipping from their plastic glasses, while the men threw nylon lines overboard, watched them sink, then pulled them up again. But, alas, there was not a squid to be seen.

Lara bustled around, keeping everyones glasses full, Mel urged me to 'make a video for my website' and Carlo was happy to be allowed to drive the boat, leaving Captain Peter to fish. Later we came to a small beach with a restaurant built on stilts, overlooking the sea.

We stuffed ourselves silly, drank far too much wine and had very strange conversations with some rowdy men on the next table. When they started singing a bit too loudly we retreated back to the boat. Sailing under the stars of the Milky Way, dangling our feet off the sides into the warm waves, we relaxed into a contented stupor. Only when I arrived home did I realise, after crashing into two doors and tripping up on the sofa, that I would probably feel a bit sick the next day.

I was not wrong. Tonight I shall be healthy and pure, I shall drink only water and go to bed at 10.00.


  1. I love the new header, not to mention the top you're wearing on that photo! Bellissima! The video was a bit... how should I put it.. dark. I bet you had a great time though! :)

  2. Ah Niki, I'm so jeleous of you! That sounds like so much fun. Enjoy it while it's there! And never forget, the best cure for a hangover, drinking more! ;)

  3. make the best of it...we need to make the best of it...don't feel guilty, I am doing exactly the same thing, going out, having fun, it's our right facing the dredful winter on to us...ewh...
    have a drink...let's toast to beautiful boat trips, lovely friends and gorgeous surroundings!

  4. Now is always the time to enjoy life. Too soon it's over.

  5. Sounds like a great night! Yes, what William said...^^^

  6. Makes me homesick for wine, peaches and Lara's sangria!

  7. Don't worry you will have all of winter to recover. :)


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