Tuesday, September 12


I just got back from visiting Carlo. I hope all hospitals in Italy are not as bad as this one. He was brought there Saturday evening….and apart from bringing him lunch and dinner, nothing has been done. No ice packs, no anti inflammatory drugs, no clean sheets, not even a spongebath or hot flannel to wash with. A Doctor passed by this morning and said it would be at least another 4-5 days before they could put the plastercast on (due to the swelling).

But in another 4 days it will be the weekend again, when the Doctors don’t work, so it could be Tuesday or Wednesday next week before he gets out of there. He is considering signing himself out of hospital and coming home until the swelling in his leg goes down. So he lies there, waiting, no TV to watch, hardly any visitors because its too far away and everyone is working, nothing to do except read and watch the old man moan and hack in the bed opposite.

What would you do? Stay in hospital and wait, or go to the comfort of your home and wait?

Meanwhile, at home, my lovely brother Dan yesterday jumped on a plane and is being the perfect babysitter for the next 3 days. Friends are rallying round, offering to babysit and help out. I can take time off work to go to the hospital when I need to. And most scarily, I have no choice but to start driving again after giving up 2 years ago after one too many near misses. Carlo’s brother has already let me take the wheel and drive back from the hospital today, with no mishaps.

And lastly, Skye heard an ambulance yesterday morning and said “Mummy! Listen ! Is that Daddy coming home?”


  1. OK, I see you have friends and Dan who can help. I feel relieved.
    I don't think anyone can understand how lousy, horrible, dirty, abandoned the hospitals are around here. I've been there, I know EXACTLY. SO I understand and I am SO sorry. You should have a good orthopaedic see him, he' syoung and needs to be fixed properly. I know a very good one in Meta...put my Nana back on her feet at 87 in 15 days...I was amazed. Let me know if I can help.

  2. Are they at least giving him something for the pain?! Glad your brother was able to fly down and help.

    So is this a local hospital? Where is the nearest big city hospital? Naples? Can Carlo be transfered to a place where doctors work on weekends?

  3. Niki, it's Raquel (aka A Novelist). This is the only way I can leave a comment, doing it as anonymous.

    Anyway, I am so sorry..I really hope Carlo gets the proper care soon! If I was there, I would help you out. Take care and you'll be in my thoughts! :)

  4. Onfortunately I can't be of any help, I'm flying back to Holland in a couple of days (living in Pozzuoli). I know there is a very good orthopeadic clinic in Naples, if you want to, I can ask for the details. Take care
    I once was at an hospital in Naples with one of my nephews, they were wonderful with him. Can't Carlo pretend he is a 9 year old, they are great with children...

  5. I broke my ankle last year. I was kept in the hospital 2 nights...sent home helpless to return in 10 day, b/c of swelling, and returned then for surgury after which I was kept 2 nights and sent home really helpless. But that seems good compared to being ignored. I suppose what's important to consider is his area that is fractured must be immobilized. I had a temporary cast before the surgury, a plaster cast for a month after and then a rigid but removable boot for 4 months. I really feel bad that he is being ignored.

  6. Sweet, sweet Dan - how kind of him! If I were Carlo, I would want to be at home and not in a hospital if they're not doing anything with him anyway.

    I'm so happy that you get help in a time of need; that you don't have to face this all alone. You need support too!

  7. Use Dan's flight privileges and fly Carlo to the UK, get fixed up, and home for the weekend.

  8. what a huge stronzo! tell carlo hi for me and i hope he's managing...poor thing. i can't believe that guy but i can believe the hospital. this is where the romantic italy ends, i am disgusted...

  9. Yes, in my experience that sounds just like an Italian hospital alright...

    So sorry 'bout Carlo's accident - OUCH!

  10. if that was me, i'd come home since nothing helpf you heal faster then feeling cared for.. well AND TV!

    though when my dad was in the hospital with apendix he was SAD to go back home, said it was so relaxing like a vacation... but he was in a very nice hospital with cable and delicious apple souce cups...

  11. Oh! I hope things improve! I'd probably wait there with him.. although if you could take him home you may.. as logn as you figure you can get him to and from the bathroom!

  12. What a rat bastard! Was carlo able to get the guy's license plate? I doubt it huh? That is such a fear of mine, everytime Franco leaves on his motorcycle. He actually was hit once, but wasn't hurt. A stupid lady pulled out right in front of him.

    I hope Carlo gets well soon! If he can't come home, maybe you can bring him a little tv or portable dvd player or something? The hospitals here are SO no frill! You probably already have, but I would put together a box of sheets, wipes, books, mags, ibuprofin, and clean pjs for him. And snacks too!

    Hey, maybe he should take up loom knitting! It is a great hobby for someone stuck in bed. hehe (I can put him to work helping me make hats to sell. hahaha)

    Best wished to you both, to get through this. And I hope they catch the rat bastard that hit him.

  13. Oh no, thinking of you! Glad you've got friends and family there to help.

  14. Hope Carlo will get the help he needs SOON. Good luck!


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