Friday, September 1

somewhere to live 1

When I arrived in Positano in March 1999, planning on staying just for the season, I moved in to Lina's house. Her brother, my ex, was living in London so there was a room going spare. Lina's mother said I was welcome to stay for the summer and I was very grateful. But, I encountered a few problems there that pushed me into looking for an apartment to rent alone.

One night I arrived 'home' late, about 1.30am. I was thirsty and had no water to drink in the bedroom. I slipped off my shoes and tiptoed quietly down the pitch black corridor, feeling my way past Lina's parents bedroom, towards the kitchen. They slept with the door open, and often as I was creeping in at night Linas father would wake and call out “who's there?” in a bone trembling voice. I was 24 years old but he made me feel like a naughty teenager caught way after her curfew ended.

The kitchen door, at the end of the corridor was closed to keep the dog in. My hands fluttering in the dark, I felt around for the handle and silently opened the door. I saw a dim light on, but had to walk around the bend of the 'L' shaped room before I saw Linas father. He was eating, a midnight feast by the look of it. Apples, pears, bread and jam were strewn across the counter. Did I mention that he was naked? I stared in surprise for a few seconds, he had his back to me(thank God!) and hadn't seen me. Very quietly and quickly I turned around and left the kitchen, tiptoeing giant strides down the corridor, back to my room, destined to drink bathroom tap water that night.

Another reason to find somewhere else to live was, well, my own freedom. What if I wanted to invite friends over? What if I met a man and wanted to cook a romantic dinner for two, or invite him to stay the night? I could hardly do that in my ex boyfriends house could I? So I started looking for somewhere else to live.


  1. Ho, too funny. But what a great escape.

  2. I think bathroom water tastes better than kitchen water in the middle of the night! :-)

  3. Shame I can't picture the guy...HE HE HE!
    That's FUNNY. Imagine if he did turn around...OH BOY!


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