Sunday, October 15

broken leg 2

I was unsure what to do next, so I asked the guy from the Red Cross. He told me that I couldn't go with the ambulance, I would have to phone the hospital when it arrived, for information , but I had to stay on the roadside for now to give details to the Vigili (traffic police). I watched as the ambulance weaved its way through the town and along the coast road towards Amalfi. The onlookers drifted away and I was left waiting for the Vigili while the Red Cross man directed traffic around the bike, still in the middle of the road. I phoned Lara who promptly cancelled her plans for the evening and came to get Skye.

There was no sign of the Vigili, so we called them again. Finally after about 40 minutes one arrived. He looked at the bike and said he would need to take photos. But he didn't have the camera on him, so off he went again to fetch it. Soon he was back and together with the Red Cross man he spent about 20 miutes measuring distances and taking photos. He asked me what time the accident had happened and how many witnesses there were. I gave him the piece of paper with the phone number on it that a man had given me.

Finally, they said I could go. They picked up the bike and parked it on the side of the road (it wouldn't start). I collected the 2 helmets, rainjacket, padlock, bike documents and the one shoe that had been left behind. Lara and Liseanne, Peters girlfriend were both dressed up for the party, but came home with me. The phone number for the hospital proved difficult to find. We called the number provided in the phone book, but a woman answered, and argued that the hospital that we were looking for did not actually exist. After a few more equally bizzare calls, we found the right number and called, and were given permission to go find Carlo.

Lara and Liseanne took Skye with them to the party, or what was left of it. Peter drove me to the hospital, speeding along the road with his hand on the horn, most of the way, even though I told him it was unnecessary.. We presumed that we could pick Carlo up and take him home. But when we arrived we found out about the 2 fractures and the bone popped out of place.

Carlo was ok, fairly relaxed, sitting in a wheelchair with icepacks on his leg. We were told that the hospital had no free beds, so he would have to be taken to Nocera. I didn't even know where that was and asked why we couldn't take him to Sorrento which was much closer. But Sorrento is in the province of Naples, not Salerno, so he wasn't allowed to go there. I watched helplessly as he was strapped back into another ambulance and driven away again.

Peter drove me back home, by the time I picked up Skye from Laras house it was 1.30am. I took her home and tucked her into bed. The house felt strange without Carlo there. I realised that I had never spent a night at home without him. I threw the jacket potatos in the bin, had a shower and went to bed.


  1. And that is why I asked everyone I know NOT to call the ambulance if anything happened to me...I don't want to go to Nocera...see what they put people through? Just because we're not in pthe province of Napoli??? Ridiculous.
    How is Carlo feeling these days anyway?

  2. I was "lucky" enough to have my accident near Bolzano - and they were super organized! Did end up having to pay for an ambulance transfer though .... I don't know if you have insurance but I found out the hard way that in Italy you NEED it. Lots of necessities are not covered by the national health service. Good luck to Carlo - broken bones are horrid!

  3. Dollyna, I would just like to thank you for all your positive comments. I have no idea who you are still, I thought I did or a while but you left a comment when I was with 'you', so it can't have been her! Carlo is much better, the cast might be coming off soon. I am baffled as to who you are, you don't seem much like a local to me!Maybe I have never met you? (And, no, you don't have to tell me who you are yet!)
    Anyone confused by this comment needs to understand that Dollyna is someone who lives in Positano too, and possibly sees me every day, but has chosen to remain anonymous!

  4. Dear Nicky,

    How are you? I'm so sorry about Carlo's accident. And I'm sorry for being out of touch. I hope you and your sweet little family are doing ok. Sending you my well-wishes for Carlo's speedy recovery. With your great attitude about life, I'm sure things will all work out. Really. Take care. :)

  5. Nicky,

    Glad to hear the cast is coming off soon and Carlo continues to get better.

  6. What a frustrating experience! Poor you!!


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