Sunday, October 1


Instructions on how to get around a mountainside town with a broken leg:

1. There is no way around the many steps. You will have to use crutches and take it very, very slowly. If you start to wobble, try and sit down before you topple over. Be careful to avoid wet tiles as the crutches will slip. Also be careful to avoid giant dog turds hidden on the step below, as you will not want that stuck to your plaster cast for the nest month.

2. Call the porters and get them to cart you around, do not feel ashamed by it, it is a brilliant way to get around town without walking. Most people look on in envy, panting as they slog on up the steep slope.

3. Find somewhere comfortable to sit and watch the world go by. Take your family with you to chat with and help you when you need it. They can come in useful by fetching chairs to prop your leg on, picking flowers for you, fetching pens so that people can sign your cast, and changing the conversation when you get fed up after the 20th person asks you what happened.

4. Make sure that you sit in a place where sooner or later some friends will pass by. I mean the type of friend that has large hands to fetch beer and pringles for you.5. Sit back and lap up the attention. Drink your beer, watch the sunset, and feel very happy that you are not in hospital anymore. Oh, and just one more thing. Don't stay out too long, or the porters might go off shift. If that happens you will find yourself stranded at the bottom of a mountain, with a long climb home. Going uphill on crutches is rather tiring.


  1. Somehow this whole post made me want to break my leg in Positano... :) As always, beautiful photos!!!

  2. It is always easy when your friends are around. Keep your friends close.

  3. see...nothing is always as bad as it looks at first. Gotta take it one step at a time. Literally.
    Was it your dad with Poppy earlier??? It would be THE time to have family around, wouldn't it?

  4. Glad to see you and your family (Carlo especially) are out and about enjoying beautiful Positano. Poppy is such a cutie! I hope you catch the person who did that to him.

  5. I'm glad to see things are getting better.

  6. poor carlo! what happened?

    just kidding ;) salutamelo

  7. Glad you and Carlo are out and about! I love that picture of you and Poppy!

    And the guy with the beers - now that's a good friend! ;-)


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