Thursday, October 12


We are moving house!
Living halfway up a mountain with a broken leg has proved to be more difficult than we thought. Just negotiating the 160 steps down to the road is life threatening. There is a stairway with steps so narrow that the length of a foot does not fit, and hopping down steps on tiptoe is really quite difficult. Carlo has lost his balance, slipped and tripped nearly every time he has tried to go down, resulting in a cringeworthy crack as plastercast hits the floor and he howls in pain.

This week we have houseguests. My ex and his girlfriend, who come to stay for a week every year. There are a few nearly-end-of season parties, dinners and boat trips planned for this week, which all involve getting down to the beach and back. The porters are happy to take Carlo down in their little trucks, but are off duty late at night, leaving us stranded on the beach. Until I remembered that a certain friend has a beach level apartment that sleeps 8 people, with currently only one occupant. A quick phonecall later and we are cleared to move in! I am curious to see how the other occupant will take to sharing with us.

An Australian girl, an ex expat who lived here a few years ago. One of those people that take the motto 'when in Rome' far too seriously, she refuses to speak in English. The girl will only speak in Italian, even if it's just you and her and you don't speak Italian.. While out at lunch with 3 English women the other day, she apparantly spoke in Italian to them the whole time, even thought the others were speaking English.

So, we find ourselves in the unlikely situation of leaving my ex and his girlfriend in our house while we go and stay in the apartment owned by the family of my other ex (yes, that is 2 ex's).Surely that is not normal.


  1. Hi,

    I really enjoy your blog! This is totally random so I'll be honest. I'm engaged to a guy in Switzerland, i'm 24 from USA and I love Italy. Switzerland is okay, a helluva lot closer than Indiana. In NOV he's going away for two weeks and I have the car. Guess where I'm going.
    I've been searching for expats, USA or UK, who live in Italy. I am interested in meeting people, making friends there, seeing what life is really like -- not just hosteling it.
    If you have any interest in a (paid of course) couch guest, or just advice about coming to see the real italy...please let me know.
    Again sorry for randomness and keep up the good work with your blog.

    This is mine, by the way,


  2. I missed your posts!
    People canno timagine how WONDERFUL it will be to stay on the beach these days. It iwll be good for Carlo to enjoy it adn I bet you and Poppy will make the best of it too.
    PLUS, can' t beat the fact that you'll be home already upon your return from night boat trips...I know how they all end up...:)


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