Thursday, October 26


Thank you for all the messages, emails,poems and texts that we have received. I would like to share with you one of the nicest letters. Terry, my Dads best friend sent it. They all worked together in the TV studios in the good old days…

"The stride of a girl, blonde hair in a twirl, as she walked into our lives
I had her on camera in black and white, she turned our heads for she looked a great sight,
The new vision mixer, she was full of life, and set her sights to be my best friends wife.

She learned her trade and made it her own, whe was destined to sit on the global throne of the best there was,
Her name was Roz.
She was quicker than lightening, her cutting was heightening,
She made every show come to life…that was the girl, my best friends wife.

Roz and H both shaped my life and career, and many others, a directors savior, we all owe her our cheers.
We travelled afar as we plied our trade, Roz will be missed by thousands, all the friends she made.
Tears stream down my cheeks and a hole in my life…That was the girl, my best friends wife.

Roz, two children, a home and a heart of gold, she had it all by being so bold,
She wanted the best and by god she mad it.
Working all hours, she was in demand, she was never afraid to take command,
Mixing with fame or just talking with me, it was part of her life…
That was Rosalind, my best friends wife.

Forty odd years have passed us by, but not the memories that make me cry,
For those I shall cherish until I die.
Right ‘til the end she fought it out, never a cry or ne’er a shout
Roz still cut her way to the very end of her life…
That was the girl, my best friends wife.

May we meet again in a world beyond, for I believe, of those we are fond,
Will be waiting to meet us just as before, waiting to show us there is still more.
Meanwhile we here have to go on, living and giving for the rest of our life
Thank you Rosalind, a friend forever,
and my best friends wife."

This Saturdays British edition of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' will be dedicated to Mum. She worked on it from the beginning up until this September.
Mum toured Mexico and Australia with U2. She was nominated for a Grammy and an Emmy. She managed to hold a conversation with Michael Jackson while part of his nose fell off. She chatted to Johnny Depp in his club in LA, and Prince in Paisley park, she was with Pink Floyd in Berlin when the wall came down. She was always there for her family and our friends. My friends and my brothers friends would always turn to her for help and advice.
She was one in a million and I love her very much.


  1. A beautiful letter about an apparently AMAZING woman. I'm sorry I didn't know more about her. You must have been very proud of her.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. What a magic wonderful person.
    I know it must sound terrible but maybe your suffering can be lessened from being surrounded by so many people who loved her so much.
    It would have been a great honour for me to have met her, she sounds amazing from the letter.
    You have all our thoughts.

  3. What a great idea for a blog!

  4. What a beautiful post! Your mother was absolutely gorgeous and had an amazing career. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Your mom sounds like quite a lady. She will be definitely be missed.

  6. What a graceful, beautiful, inspiring woman.

    I am so sorry.

  7. That was so beautiful and it really gave a sense of the woman that your mother was and what she meant to the people who knew her. She will live on in you Niki so take comfort in the fact that she will always be by your side.

  8. I'm sorry for your loss. What an amazing woman she was, a true inspiration. Sunflowers to you and your family.

  9. What a lovely letter about a lovely woman! Those are beautiful pictures.

    I have been thinking of you and praying for you every day.

  10. niki, you must be proud of this great mum.
    What your father's friend wrote is amazing, but only an amazing woman can inspire that words

  11. I have tears in my eyes, what a beautiful letter. I wish I had known more about her, she sounds like a wonderful, beautiful person. Of course I'm not surprised, from what I know about you.
    *big big hugs*

  12. Sounds like you had a great role model - Poppy is a lucky girl. Funny thing about moms is that no matter where they are, living or deceased, you know they are more worried about you than themselves. Cheers to your mum's wonderful life & family.

  13. what a beautiful letter. you and your family are in my thoughts. take care nicki.


  14. What a gorgeous photo of you and your mother. Beautiful post.

  15. Dear Niki,
    I'm sorry for your loss.
    Your lovely mum will live on in you Niki ! Take comfort in the fact that she will always be by your side. She is an angel!
    The 24th oct,I have also lost one of my best friend. Her name was "Astrid", she was 44 years old.
    My thoughts are with you and your family. Maddalena

  16. Sounds like she lived a good life. it's so sad that it could not have been longer, but at least it looks like it could not have been fuller.


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