Monday, November 27

Annikas gift

At 4pm yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the beach with the warmth of the sun on my face, friends around me and the sound of waves hitting the surf. Six hours later I find myself eating sushi in the kitchen at my parents house in England. Yes, I am back in England and will be staying for 2 or 3 months.

Last night, I carried my bags up to my room and found a giftwrapped package on the bed with most of the wrapping covered by stamps. "Ooh, goody, a present!" I thought as I launched myself at it. I unwrapped it to find a Swedish newspaper. So, I scrabbled at the newspaper with my fingers and inside I found this...Annika, lovely Annika who I have never even met or spoken to, has sent me a sketch of Positano with a guardian angel, who will watch over me. Thank you so much Annika, I have hung it over my bed, where an empty picture hook was mysteriously waiting. What a lovely thing to do, a picture will last so much longer than flowers, and will remind me that my mum is up there watching over me. Annika worried that I would think it strange that she sent me such a gift, but I think it just goes to show what a kind-hearted, thoughtful person she is.


  1. enjoy your time in London! Hugs, manuela

  2. It is so nice that you will be able to spend time with your dad. Since winter is 'downtime' in Positano, it will be nice to hear about your homeland. Best wishes to you and your family.
    Gen in Minnesota

  3. It's destiny...
    I've been looking for you in this deserted, ghostly, fake town.
    I haven't spotted your lovely face anywhere though.
    This means I'll have to wait.
    Meanwhile I cannot tell you how happy I am that you went back to UK, it will be so much better for you, for Poppy and for your dad. He will find in your little bundle the happiness that I am sure he is momentarily at loss of, she will be the propeller, the engine to keep the motor running smoothly. I know from first hand experience.
    PLUS, you'll be away from this emptiness. NOBODY can understand how this town turns badly in the winter. Were it not for the sun to warm our hearts, I could cry day in day out...
    That sketch from Annika is stunning, what a precious thought.
    I shall keep on reading your blog religiously, looking for your great writing.
    Have a lovely "break"!

  4. How sweet of Annika!

    Hope you enjoy your time in the UK with your friends and family...and looking forward to your stories!


  5. What a thoughtful gift. It's great you are able to spend time with your family and friends in the UK.

  6. Annika is such a sweet, thoughtful person! I can tell what a kind spirit she is just from my few conversations with her.

    Enjoy your time in the UK with your family; I'm sure it is what all of you need the most right now. And I'm excited to hear whatever stories from your murky past that you decide to share with us! I'm sure that is much more interesting than winter in Positano!

  7. That is a wonderful random act of kindness. It shows that there still are good people out there.

  8. Can't wait to read the untold stories...

  9. What a nice gift! I'm actually looking forward to hearing about England and seeing the wonderful holiday photos from London. I hope you enjoy your time at home with family. ;)


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