Monday, November 20


Back home in time for a walk down to the beach to watch the sunset.

I am sure that only I could manage to NOT close the bathroom door on the aeroplane properly, and have it swing open suddenly, presenting a queue of people with a lovely view of me weeing.
Carlo thought it very funny until he went to the bathroom. Skye stood on her seat and watched him walk up the aisle, then in a very loud voice asked me "is Daddy going to do a wee wee or a poo poo?"
"Shhh, we don't need to know that darling," I cringed, as somebody sniggered.
"Mummy? If he does a poo poo, will it be lots and lots or just a little bit?" I clapped my hand over her mouth and slid down low in my seat. Carlo came back. I didn't tell him that half of the passengers were probably thinking about the size of his bowel movements...


  1. Oh gosh that's so funny! Alexander seems to have passed that phase, thank goodness, but he too asked *very* intimate questions in the presence of other people not too long ago. Apparently it's extremely interesting for kids what their parents are doing in the bathroom!

    For your incident - well this is why I always try to keep holding the door handle at all times, just in case. I'd rather not use the bathroom at all with people in the next room, and somebody walking in on me is just one of my biggest nightmares.

  2. Beautiful! You have to enjoy these moments as kids grow way too fast. How is Carlos' leg?


  3. Hehehe ... kids are just so funny. What I don't understand are the people who get upset and really dislike kids when they dare to speak in public.

  4. How could you ever get out of that bathroom?
    And Poppy, sweet dear Poppy, God bless her.
    Simply too funny.
    I was lucky for Noodle never said "things" in public, although he said many many various strange arguments at there.
    So, you're back, good...I'll look out.

  5. tell carlo that from now on i will ALWAYS think about his bowel movements whenever i see him ;)


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