Friday, November 24

new look

Althought I did everything in my power to protect Skye from the horrors of pink, she finally got sucked into the little-girls-love-pink-society. She has been asking for a pink bedroom for a while now, and for some reason I have granted her wish. From this...

To this... I'm not sure what her Daddy will think about it...let alone the landlady, who's never even seen the bed that Carlo built, let alone the bubblegum pink steps!And what would the locals say if they knew that I, a female, had dared to pick up a paintbrush and decorate a room? For that is a job for the menfolk, everybody knows that!


  1. Thats a great transformation Nicki, Poppy must be thrilled.Im like you, love getting stuck into things, a change of colour is always good and I dont care what others say, I find it very therapeutic!

  2. DIY???????? Scandalous niki!

  3. I love it and I'm sure Poppy does too!

  4. They would freak out...make very weird faces...cluster and HISS, that's what they would do.
    I know that for a FACT.
    Me, a local, am jus tadmiring the job, very well done, except I too am not a big fan of pink all over, but I can definitely understand a 4 yr old.
    It looks fascinating and I am sure Poppy loved it and Carlo will compliment you on the work done.

  5. I think the whole effect is great. Nice job, Niki! BTW That bed Carlo designed is very original. Everything looks perfect.

  6. It looks fantastic!
    Especially with the orange tiles on the floor!
    I covet a orange and pink dining room one day!

  7. So cute! Great job with the paint.


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