Sunday, December 17


“Volunteers are needed to walk unwanted dogs that are being cared for by a local charity,” announced the article in the newspaper.
So we dressed up warm and drove to the Retired Greyhound Trust kennels. The racing dogs are only 3-5 years old , but already retired, and there ore over 60 of them that need to be walked every day.

I was given ‘Holly’ who ran with me down the country lane, then nuzzled my legs for more. Dad and Skye were given ‘Nero’ who had eyes like Bambi and according to Skye ‘did three wee wees and two poo poos!’ Carlo was given ‘Butch’ who lived up to his name and dragged him through the countryside. Although he has a slight limp and walks slower than the rest of us, he has recovered really well from his accident in September.

We saw about 20 dogs out for walks while we were there. Anybody can go along and help out, and it seems lots of people do. We are going to make the effort to go and walk some greyhounds every day. The only danger is that I become too attached to them and arrive back in Italy with a greyhound in tow!


  1. You know what I most admire and like in you, the fact that you come up with these ideas...who on earth would EVER think of doing such a thing in Positano, I mean even if a kennel existed (which doesn't and we're facing lots of stray dogs and cats poor things). Not you, you're always up for something new and generally altruistic. That's precious.
    I noticed Carlo chopped his hair off? Wow, that's a big change.

  2. Awww... that's a virtuous thing to do (and looks like fun as well!)

  3. Hmm! I never thought about what happened to all those greyhounds after their fleeting career is over! Very nice of you to do!

  4. Awwww~ too cute! I would be so in danger of being heart-broken each day! I used ot resue felines and it was heart-breaking.

  5. I chopped Carlos hair off!! He had no choice in the matter, ha!

  6. What a wonderful post to read! I've been thinking a lot lately about ways to help abandoned/abused dogs. I'd love to set up some sort of shelter and take care of all of them. Land is quite plentiful where I live, but unfortunately,money is not. I just know that I'd like to do something more meaningful with my life. Thank you Nicki - I think I'm going to call some of the places around here and volunteer to help!

  7. I should have guessed that.
    Nedless to say, he looks waaaaaay better.

  8. I'm proud to be part of an animal sanctuary here in Itay. An english couple bought a place in the country near me in Brindisi. They have space and started taking in strays. Now we've raised over 1,000 euro at They also have over 18 cats and 8 dogs at last count but that changes every day!


  9. Ha! Positano doesn't even have a resident vet, which I too well know when I need one for our dog down there...
    Last summer a lady found a sort of large seagull with a damaged wing on the beach. She took it in, and rang the vet somewhere else to see what she should with it. He told her to feed it 'Simmental'. Needless to say it died!


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