Thursday, January 4

teen diary

Rummaging through my cupboards I found a letter that I wrote to a schoolfriend but never posted. It was written while I was on holiday in Positano when I was 15. I laughed out loud when I read about ‘Lankylocks’ because I recognised him as one of the town playboys, still going strong today!

Dear Micki,
I’m writing this by the swimming pool, overlooking the sea! It’s 6pm and we’ve been on the beach since 11am. I can write what I want now because the others have pissed off somewhere without telling me AGAIN.
C is being such a slut. Last night she said she was going to kiss as many boys as she can and flirt with everyone Etc etc. Alex (a friend) speaks perfect Italian and introduces us to all her friends. She introduced us to a boy called Alessandro and C started flirting but he completely ignored her and started talking to me!

C just got back, she asked me who I’m writing to, I said Micki and now she’s in a bad mood and totally ignoring me. Anyway, when we arrived last night we went down to the beach and looked around for people we know. Practically the first person we saw was Enzo, C’s old boyfriend from 2 years ago. We then went into the arcade and I saw Gaetano who I used to really like, he nearly had a heart attack when he saw me!

I got in the way while Barbara was doing her hair and now shes mad at me. She and C have locked themselves in the bathroom at the moment, but they do that every night. I’m having fun with everyone else though. There are new people on the scene. Last night we went to the beach and met a group of Americans. We were all together when 3 Italian boys came over and asked us if we would go to the disco (Mito) with them. We said no ‘cos they were disgusting.
Later we went to Music on the Rocks where there was a foam party which meant that the whole floor was covered thigh high in foam! It was so funny, everyone was falling over and getting covered in foam.

C wandered off with one of the Americans so me and Barbara sat down on the lion steps. We recognised a few of the boys sitting near us. We named them Purple-shirt and Lankylocks, who has the same hairstyle as C. They all laughed when I tried to talk Italian and I got embarrassed. Suddenly they all moved closer to us and then Lankylocks asked us if we wanted to go for a walk with them. We found out that that Purple shirt is called Peppe and Lanky locks is called Christian and we stayed with them for most of the evening.

I was given an alcoholic drink made with Kahlua and milk, I told mum on the phone to see if she would be angry but she just told me not to get drunk!

C argued with Enzo, her ex and nearly poured a drink over him but he ran off. At 2am Barbara found me and said that C had nearly been attacked. She had been on the beach with Christian and his friend Roberto when Roberto took her for a walk to discuss her ‘relationship’ with Christian and he tried to take her trousers off. I don’t believe that, it was probably her trying to get into his trousers and sulking when he wouldn’t let her.
Christian took us back to the hotel but we couldn’t sleep so we went out on the terrace. This lady came over and all she was wearing was a sarong. She introduced herself as Sylvia and went to C and said “Sri Lankan women wear this forever!” She stuck a red spot on C’s forehead and then walked away. Weird!


The drive to Florence was very quiet and tearful. Florence was boring and it rained. Last night we stayed in Beaune. Now we’re in Paris. I don’t see why we had to leave Pos, school doesn’t start for another month.


  1. What a fun trip down memory lane for you!

    And for me to, sort of! Little Gaetano? I met him the first time I was there. I know who Christian is, and I met a Peppe - I wonder if it's the same one?

  2. How neat! I love that you found those old letters. I wish I had mine from high school. :)

  3. I seem to remember whisperings about Enzo and his duplicitous ways at the back of the class!

    Chris S

  4. enzo? I am wondering which enzo in positano it could be..........I have one in mind who is now about 32...but I cannot tell for sure.
    On the other hand I think I know who is Alex, the girl speaking perfect Italian. She must me Alexandra G., from NY. She comes every year.

  5. So that's when it all began, huh :) Well you sure did return! It is so funny to read old diaries and letters. I used to keep all my diaries but unfortunately they were ruined when our cellar was flooded so I don't have them anymore.

  6. Kail- no not that Gaetano!
    Chris-Good memory!
    Anonymous- right Alex, right age for Enzo....I do actually have photos, but I.m sure nobody wants to see them!

  7. I don't think I need some more details about that enzo guy to be sure we are talking about the same guy even though seeing pictures of him in his teens would be nice but I know that before showing them you'll ask to me to tell you who I am so..........
    I can tell u one thing: if the Enzo you are talking about is the same enzo I am talking about I do think he is still now very cute and goodlooking ;-) i think when we were young many of us girls fell in love with him........
    I also know who C were really good friends...even though you sometimes thought she was not behaving (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    THANKS A LOT NIKI for making me remebering those nice things about my (and yours) summers in POSITANO. I know this is something we will never forget.
    Talk to u soon xxx

    PS: I know I am right about Alex.....

  8. Poor me, I remember all of you so clearly from when I used to work in a, Alex, C (whom I somewhat always thought know...easy going?)
    So, it was a stroll down memory lane for me as well.
    Isn't it a littl epathetic though, that those old playboys are STILL playing th esam eold role, after some 15 years????
    Your letters sounded lovely, I have some diaries stacked somewhere...maybe one day I'll look for them.
    Be well dear Nicki.

  9. I remember C used to wear strange military ones. I must admit......C's beahviour was "extravagant" sometimes for the locals

  10. I am wondering, we all know and remember everyone and mostly everyone we can see now-a-days.
    What about C??? Where is she? How is she?
    Do you know?
    It would be nice to see her now.
    As bizarre as she was I wonder if she kept pace or lost through the years...maybe married with 5 children or something like that!

  11. oh NIki, the foam party, Mito, Alex, you, C.....
    what sweet memories for me!
    I remebmer Alex introduced us 'cause I was one of the few Italians who, at the time and at that ages, spoke a decent English...I mean we could at least understand each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dollyna, C last came to Pos a couple of years ago and stayed with me, now shes in Brasil working...still single and loving it!

  13. dollyna, I think people change a lot and life's so strange that maybe C's got 5 children and has now turned into a "serious leady".
    If you go back in niki's blog there is somewhere a picture of C.

  14. oh in Brazil?!?!?!?!
    when you can tell her we all remember you and C for the first time in positano with c's parents.........

  15. Thanks Nicki for the update. Deep inside I knew she woudl have followed her footsteps all the way. I don't need any pics though, I have vivid memories of you both at that age...she had a very particular (in the good way I mean) face with those bleach blond hair...if I had to pick someone to recsemble to her now I would pick Scarlett Johansson although the actress is more curvaceous than C, of course.


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