Tuesday, February 20


It rained all morning. I wondered if 'Carnevale' would be cancelled. Knowing the Italians fear of getting wet in the rain I couldn't imagine them parading around town in costumes unless the sun was shining.

Hmmm, costumes, Should I? It would be fun, but maybe it's only the kids who dress up. I am normally in England this time of year, so have never experienced the Italian Carneval. I called a friend to see if she was going but her daughter wasn't well. I called another friend, who excitedly told me he was going to be a ninja turtle and did I have any green hairspray he could borrow? I didn't, but it gave me the encouragement I needed to dress up and join in.

I started rummaging through the cupboards, half expecting a costume to jump out at me. What to wear? What to wear? Dads cowboy hat was in England, I already did Pippi Longstocking at Halloween one year, hmmm. Maybe I shouldn't bother. After a quick search online for inspiration I found inspiraton and patched together my outfit.

There was no way that I was going to stroll through town and catch a bus dressed as I was, so I convinced Skye that we needed the exercise and we started walking up a quiet stairway that led to the top of the town where the parade started from. I stepped out onto the street, quickly scanned the crowds and cringed. As I expected there were no other adults dressed up. Spoilsports, I thought, taking a deep breath.

The parade started, confetti was thrown in handfuls, music blared from the speakers and a succession of floats drove by. One with various Disney characters, a green van with the four Ninja turtles, yes, with green hair and a Fiat 500 disguised as an igloo went past chased by a flock of giant penguins. And then, from the distance arrived an evil pirate ship full of swashbuckling pirates followad swiftly by Jack Sparrow himself in his trusty ship and all the pirates of the caribbean.

The first ship briefly anchored by my side, Skye was pulled out of my arms and taken aboard. I sprang into action, chasing the ship down the road and nimbly climbed on board to rescue my child. But those evil pirates filled me with rum and the temptation of buried treasure at the end of the voyage. Jack Sparrows ship was still behind us and I could see the treasure map by the captains side. I decided to stay on deck, rather than walk the plank.

The rain had started again, but there was no going back. The parade wound it's way through the village, the streets became speckled with confetti and balloons floated past overhead. An evil pirate monster with barnacles, seaweed and mussel shells growing on his coat launched a confetti attack on Captain Jack Sparrow and his mateys, they fought back with paper streamers and the crowd cheered as we passed by.

Eventually we arrived at the bottom of town and everyone made their way to the beach. We were damp and cold but the party atmosphere continued on the sand. Peguins ran around with harlequins, Jack Sparrow chatted easily with the evil pirates and cowboys ran around chasing faries and princesses as the sun set and the sky grew dark. And me? Dressed as a pirate, for once I felt that I fitted in.


  1. Before you ask, it's a wig, OK! I have not cut my hair!

  2. hahaha! i WAS about to ask! :)

    very cool! looks like a ton of fun and glad you fit in you pirate woman you- harrrharr!

    ps: i thought i was the only original one to think of pippi longstocking for halloween! guess not!

  3. I did not recognize you...I can't believe it!
    But last year was much better...were you here? If not you missed a LOT. There was a truck with 5 men...Full Monty...they even stripped in thongs...did you see it? Girls went BIZERK and many of them asked me if they did it again this year...

  4. Hahah, good thing you answered that question! I was almost writing it. Actually that wig looks pretty good on you! :)

  5. Glad you had a good time. I, too was going to ask about the hair, ha ha.

  6. So the adults do dress up, too in the larger cities. Here in Catanzaro it was only the kids and teens...Looks like ya'll had fun.

  7. Ah, what a cute pirata! That looks like so much fun, we never do anything like that around here!
    Just beware so that Davy Jones (that's the guy in the photo) doesn't catch you.. he's always looking for fresh souls to keep captive on his ship The Flying Dutchman, and while some might consider him charming you DO know that his heart is not in his body but in Dead Man's Chest, right?

    Hm. Did I mention that Alexander is going through a major Pirates of the Caribbean period right now? :D

  8. It's been a while since I emant to tell you...on Jan 17th you posted Mika's video saying "it will be huge, even Poppy is dancing..."
    Well, it is way beyond huge here now...all over and really a pretty song. Happy and cute.

  9. You both look gorgeous!! lm so glad for you that you had the feeling of belonging. Good on you for getting into the spirit of things.

  10. Nicki, the wig looks very pretty on you. Maybe you can give Britney some tips. :)

    Glad you and Poppy had a nice time.

  11. The black bob is very becoming on you. :)

  12. Ohh, I love you as a pirate. ;)

  13. Haha looks like a great day was had by all! What fun! :-)


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