Sunday, February 4


The bags are packed...lots of them...British Airways is going to have a field day charging me for the excess baggage. It always did annoy me that airlines presume that everyone who travels needs to pack just enough for a two week vacation.

What about the expats? We need extra baggage allowance for all the chedder cheese and bacon that we need to take home with us. And I think extra special baggage allowance should be given for expats who have passed Christmas and their childs birthday back in the Motherland, because apart from the cheese and bacon there are new toys to consider. All those presents that are 'very special and important and have to come to Italy too mummy', no matter how bulky or heavy they are.

I have three mammoth bags packed. But we've had to leave behind the train set, my box of photos, the play-doh, 2 pairs of boots and all sorts of things that we don't really need but would like to take.

Whether the bags will actually fit in the car is something we will find out at Naples Airport. Just the thought of having to haul them up the 160 steps to our apartment makes me weak at the knees.....

Yes, I am going home to Italy. I should be back in time for lunch tomorrow.
Who wants to meet me there for cupcakes?


  1. nicki and poppy.....
    loved having you here....hate seeing you the fact you are going back to home though where your hearts are and you belong - and i can come visit in may....and can't wait to!
    All my love your brother....and poppies uncle....x x x
    ps: love 'n hugs to husband to x

  2. When you get back, you'll find that our darling Mika finally on MTV and the radio here. Yay! :-)

    Oooooh, cupcakes...

  3. Wish I could make it for cupcakes, but hopefully between you and Poppy, you'll have one for me. I hate not being able to have everything I want with me; I tell myself that by the time I'm 50, maybe, just maybe I'll have all my very important and special stuff in the same place. It would be a very important and special moment. Bentornata!

  4. OH!
    Coming back.
    I'm sure you'll be delighted to eb back since it's a GORGEOUS day here, sunny and not windy as opposed to yesterday.
    Yum cupcakes, guess who?
    Sadly my Noodle is sick. Get ready because there is a PANDEMIC here with flu and high temps. School are almost deserted, you know it all already don't you?
    But I'll be in touch, you know that and I'll give you some time to study some recipes.
    GOD, Cheddar and bacon, you REALLY want to kill me!

  5. It’s a quiet travelling time so hopefully they’ll let you off with the excess – that’s always my hopeful theory anyway :) I came back at Christmas (so a full plane) and they charged me £50 excess. I didn’t really mind too much as my case was bursting with goodies! I tried to go through with 2 hand luggage bags though and they made me leave one. Spoil sports.

  6. Non so cosa siano i cupcakes.. però ben tornata.. anche perchè abbiamo bisogno di te.. :-) dalla settimana prossima ci sarà la versione inglese di Positanonews.. Ci terremo al tuo aiuto.. visto che in inglese stò inguaiato...:-))) ciao dalla redazione di Positanonews

  7. We were doing so well at Christmas. We had a nicely packed bag each - until we factored in all the Christmas presents. Thank God Aer Lingus could care less what you've packed.

  8. Have a safe journey! Can you send me a cupcake in the post??? Ha ha!

  9. tell poppy happy birthday! is she excited to go home, or sad to leave?

    btw, those cupcakes look fabulous :)

  10. yes those cupcakes look absolutely fabulous!! funny i just had some yesterday!

    have a great re entrata!


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