Wednesday, February 28

on my way

Quoted from ‘La Torre di Clavel’ by Carlo Knight
20 November 1922
“The action of rainwater on the limestone of the rocks combined with erosion from underwater streams has created a multitude of caves around Pos. Even though I am not able to make long excursions on foot, I can manage on a saddle. So yesterday on a mule borrowed from Master Alfonso, escorted by Vincenzo, I managed to carry out an exciting potholing expedition.

The cave is found 400 metres above sea level. Passing the impressive and mysterious entrance I headed inside the mountain for about 60 metres. The last part of the cave became narrower, transforming into a tunnel, walls covered with a slightly abrasive limestone layer that reminded me of shark-skin. I thought the cave finished there. But I became aware that over my head there was a hole. With some difficulty, helped, or rather pushed by Vincenzo I managed to slip inside.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself in a circular room, the lanterns illuminating tens of stalactites hanging from the vault. Each one gave off dazzling flashes as if they had been made of precious stones. I had the impression of finding myself in a dragons den or in the residence of an underground god. Vito had told me that his grandfather said that the cave had been the hiding place of bandits. One of many that until a century ao infested the mountains of Pos.”

Hmmm…caves, tunnels, shark-skin, secret passages, jewel-like rocks, dragons lairs and bandits hideyholes… How exciting! I’m off to investigate. If I’m not back by tomorrow call out a search party!

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  1. I read the Italian version of "La Torre di Clavel". It was fascinating, especially because I know the area.
    You would be hard up finding a mule to take you now!


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