Monday, March 26


The weather matches my mood...

Come back spring...


  1. Cheer up, spring is just around the corner. Well it had better be anyway. I'll be in Positano next week and I'm hoping for a little sunshine.
    I'll say hello if I see you :)

  2. Wasn't that sand lion beautiful?
    And checlk this out...a wonderful snny day again...don't complain, we need rain! The drought is haunting us...

  3. Hey Nicki you are not alone, I think there are a few of us with the blues at the moment, roll on summer ;)

  4. Is that a sand lion?!

    For what it's worth, even if you're feeling blue you still look beautiful.

    and yeah, we had sun all day long so I feel gooood :) I bet that even though we had sun and you didn't, it was still warmer in Pos than here.

  5. Great photo! I know how you feel. Hopefully now that its "summer time" we'll actually have some daylight - not to mention sun.

  6. There is something surprisingly romantic about the beach in an off-season.

  7. love that sand sculpture.

    I have to say, even in this dark mood you do look rather gorgeous...

  8. That is a great pic of you, but I agree with you on the weather! It is like that down here, too.

    I am about to tag you at my blog...(don't blame me, I got tagged first!)

  9. The Grey weather is beautiful. And spring is almost near!

  10. Poppy took that photo? Wow, she has a great eye. bella foto.

    On this side of the world the marine layer is getting on my damn nerves. It has been cloudy for days.

  11. You may have been in a grey mood but the pic is lovely!
    A future photographer in the family?

  12. I was just wondering how important it is for you to have the blog as a way to make the world know your beautiful self, what you think, what you can write.

    And, for once in a lifetime, I'm not trying to be flirty...

    It's just that Positano for me would be a very constrictive place... not the best place where to expand my horizons. But we're all different (and all beautiful)... and we all chose different lives.

    But I'm still curious...

  13. "Rainy days and Mondays"

    We've had wall-to-wall rain in Brittany, France this winter

    Global Wetting...
    The newest phenomenon

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