Tuesday, March 27

La Pineta

In the afternoon the sun began to shine and after half heartedly trying to curl up and sleep on the sofa, I decided a brisk walk in the mountains was in order. With two children in tow we decided that the 'Pineta' was the best walk to do.

Starting at the Piazzetta we walked past a restaurant and along to the end of the alleyway, past a small carpark. There is a small pathway that starts by an old abandoned Citroen, it is an easy path to follow, just don't walk too close to the edge.

At a certain point if you look up you will see the hole in the mountain right above you. We found a small pathway that looked as if it might lead up to the hole, but after some indecision decided to try that another time. Skyes brother wanted to take us to a 'special place with an awesome view'.

Along the way we came across a lady out searching for wild asparagus. She hadn't found any and asked if we knew what it looked like.
"Yes, like normal asparagus but skinnier and browner," I told her. I remembered finding some while walking high in the mountains a few years ago.
"Maybe asparagus season has finished already," the lady shrugged and carried on searching.

We came to an area of smooth flat rock with strange indentations in the stone. There is a bottom-sized hollow where legend has it the Madonna sat, and a couple of wiggly snake shaped indents as if a snake had lain there, unmoving while the rock grew around it, then slithered over the edge of the cliff, leaving it's mark behind forever.

The sound of running water can be heard through the woods and soon we can see a waterfall tumbling down the rocks, half hidden by pine trees. The water has carved a smooth chute through the stone and we all comment on how much fun it would be to slide down it. We jump over the stream, round a corner and after a brief scramble up some rocks we arrive at a narrow grassy clearing. I walk up to the edge and smile...The town sprawled out below with the ribbon like road looping around always makes me smile. It seems like a model village, a toy town perhaps, where instead of cars, marbles should roll down the roads.

The sun is starting to set, Skye is hungry and asking if I have anything to eat in my bag. It's time to head home. We sit for a few minutes admiring the view while the kids chatter about where they would go if they had a teletransporter.
"Back home!" declares T with a grin, "then I wouldn't have to walk back!"
"That's boring! I'd go to DisneyWorld if I were you."
"The North Pole in August, when its really hot and crowded on the beach! We could build snowmen!"
"Yeah..." they pause to imagine where else they could go. The streetlights below flicker on and we start back down the pathway. The sky has turned a pale pink which reflects on the mountains, bathing everything in a magical light. My grey day didn't end up so grey after all.


  1. You brought some wonderful light to a grey day--good on you! But I must say...even the snakes do graffiti here?!

  2. Noodle's favourite walk...la pineta. And I am starting to think you found either my MIL or her SIL, they ALWAYS go for wild asparagus or mushrooms depending on the season.
    Yeah, never loose hope...whatever you may think it's so bad, could turn out to be good!

  3. kids- they just have so much energy! if i had a teletransporter i'd just leave it alone, because standing in one spot is quite nice too!

  4. What a great day - beautiful shots! Poor Poppy - maybe you forgot to feed her lunch??? ;)

  5. thank you for the lovely vicarious hike that I took with you! ....it was beautiful

  6. I like the marble bit, creative.
    Amazing the things one discovers, even if you had walked the same path 10 times there is always something new that you didn't see the time before, and the grey becomes a distant memory.

  7. amazing pictures. really not the sort of place for the vertigo sufferer though. I just know I'd never get my gf anywhere near that path...

  8. sigh...those photos are just breathe taking.

  9. Did I miss something . . . Poppy's brother??


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