Friday, March 23


“Nicki! Wait, I need to talk to you!”
I turned around and saw a man running out of a shop towards me. I didn't recognise him but presumed he was the owner of the shop.
“Hi, I'm glad you passed by. I need someone to work for me this summer.”
“Oh,” I replied wondering if he was telling me or asking me, “Well if I hear of anyone looking I'll let you know.” I said and started to walk away.

“ No , wait! I want you! You don't have a job do you?” A memory comes back to me from last summer. Two different people had come into the shop to tell me about a job offer in this shop. I was being headhunted!

I stopped and turned back to him. “Yes, I do actually, but thanks all the same.”
“What? Where? I didn't know you worked, I can give you a good offer.” He was pompously sure of himself and I didn't think his offer would be very appealing but I decided to listen anyway.

He asked me how many hours I worked and I told him six. I explained that I had a daughter and work fitted in with her school hours.
“ Six hours? I would only need you for a little bit longer,” he said.
“How much longer?” I asked suspiciously.
“Well only from 9am until 8pm”, he replied.”It's not much longer at all. Er, I don't suppose you get days off where you work now ?”
“Yes, of course I get days off, once a week,” I said.
“Oh...” he answered flatly, “I don't know if I could stretch to that...Look, how much do you get paid there?”
“That's none of your business. Look, I am perfectly happy where I am, I'm sorry but I am not interested in your offer.”
“Oh, OK, well call me if you change your mind!”


  1. that's a truly beautiful photo of you 2! ...and my reply to your comments of my photos, "ahhhh (sighing with a far-off gaze in my eye), lucky you" :)

  2. hmm.. maybe that's why he needs headhunters, no one wants the job.. they should recruit outside language schools in Florence where girls in love with italian boys will take ANY oportunity to stay around longer in italy........

  3. Love the photo as well :)

    And I'm glad you posted this story as I thought I was the only one who was repeatedly offered a lot of work for no money and/or no life. So annoying as I've always had a hard time saying "no," but on the bright side, living here has made me better at that.

  4. LOL at 11 being only slighty more than 6.... must have felt good to turn that little offer down!

  5. i can just hear it, "no days off! only eleven hours a day AND i'll pay 700 euro a month, just becasue we're friends!"

    did i ever tell you that my job last summer had a base pay of 400 a month? that was for 4 hours a day, 7 days a my nephew says, "sometimes people are just crazy, huh?"

  6. Butter..bread...butter and besides you get a free dress to wear. Actually, wearing the same dress everyday sounds like it must be worth an extra €500 a month.

  7. Dito on the photo, you're both beautiful!!! Is that from your trip to Paestum?

    On the job.. well, I suppose you should feel flattered that he went out of his way to get you? Even if the offer was crap it's still better to be begged to do a job rather than to be the beggar yourself.

  8. Ha. I can't believe that guy was serious. He must think you are molto stupido.

  9. That is sadly so normal around here I am embarassed to admit.
    Well Nicki, stick to your lovely job. At least you get to deal with Anto who's funny!

  10. I can't blame you for turning down that 'wonderful' job opportunity to work 11 hours a day with no days off and probably for peanuts as pay. It's sad that that guy even offered it and what's sadder is that someone would take it.

  11. I'm sure the guy said all of that with a straight face? You should have told him his offer was an insult to all employees and maybe your husband will be dropping by his place.

  12. LOL what a joker! it must've felt good telling him 'thanks but no thanks!'

  13. I know exactly how you feel. I am an English teacher. I have an MA in teaching. It is my career. So why do people think I will be willing to give almost total strangers free lessons in exchange for a measly cup of coffee??!!

  14. A friend of mine was looking for a job in Naples and was offered a job for 6 days a week, from 9 to 8, no lunchbreak, no insurance and for about € 200,- a week. They found her very arrogant when she decided on not taking the job.


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