Thursday, March 15


Today we visited Paestum, about 2 hours drive from here which shamefully we had never visited before. Paestum *for those who don’t know) was founded by Greeks in the 6th Century BC, later taken over by Romans but left deserted in the 9th Century due to a combination of Saracen raids and malaria. Thick forest grew over it and it was lost until the 18th century when rediscovered during the construction of a road.

Almost as interesting as the amount of prostitutes that we saw lingering on the roadside between Salerno and Paestum. Maybe there was a hookers convention or something, but we certainly didn’t expect to see so many of them that far away from a city.

Anyway, forget the temples that date back to 450BC, Paestum had grass! Big flat plains of green green grass with daisies scattered through it, soft, fragrant grass to lie on and sit on , obstructed every now and then by some old ruins, but that was OK. Please understand that there is a distinct lack of grass in Positano. In Positasno you sit on sand not grass (obviously you can sit on other things too, but I’m talking about outside on the ground).

You only need a couple of hours to see Paestum so if you plan to make the trip down there it would be wise to combine the visit with somewhere else nearby, like for example the caves of Castelcivita or the abandoned village of Roscigno.
That was our plan, but we faffed around at home for far too long before we left, then got caught in traffic in Salerno and by the time we had finished rolling in the grass and making daisy chains it was too late to go anywhere but Salerno where I bought a lovely pair of boots to console myself for yet again not managing to see a cave.


  1. I've been there! I loved the temples, so big and so well preserved. I have to say, I didn't really notice the grass though!

  2. Heavenly! Seems like you read my thoughts, because I was thinking all afternoon that I hoped you would post some pictures from Paestum! :) And you weren't lying about the weather either, it looks wonderful.

  3. You have a thing with caves, don't you! ...AND grass!
    Lovely shots, particularly the one with you...

  4. I love reading your posting.Great guts girl!Lots of bests wishes to you, Carlos & Poppy from Malaysia.

  5. I just love how DESOLATE it is now- so carlo finally gets a whole day off eh? :) what a great day!

  6. Italy seems to have a knack for unearthing treasures hidden for hundreds of years...

    Another reason why it is my favourite place in the entire planet.

    Talking of caves, what do you reckon to la grotta azurra? not really a 'cave', I suppose. I suspect you find it far too 'touristy'!

    Went last year to Majorca, and they have some v. interesting caves there. Visited the Cuevas de Arta - huge in scale with multi-levels and awesome stalactites.


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