Monday, April 2

Baia di Puolo

We decided to go for a ride on the bike with no destination in mind. We drove through Sorrento, dodging the pasty tourists, huddled together in protective groups. They were mostly wearing shorts , tee shirts and straw hats, but it wasn’t very warm. I had a sweater, coat and a scarf on and was cold, but maybe that was due to speeding along on the back of the bike.

As we drove out of the town centre towards Massa Lubrense we stopped to look at the view. There was a small beach way below us which might be nice to visit. The road wound down steeply through olive groves, becoming narrower as we reached the bottom. Suddenly it looked familiar, “I think I’ve been here before!” I yelled, trying to be heard through two helmets and the wind rushing past us.

We left the bike parked by a little cafĂ© that was still closed from the winter and walked past an orange Fiat 500 parked next to a boat on the sand. I looked around, “no, I was wrong, I haven’t been here before, I don’t recognise anything.”
He gave me a strange look but I ignored him and went off to take some photos.

We walked past a small row of cafes and bars, all in the process or reopening for the summer. Walls were being painted, tables varnished and floors scrubbed. Small fishing boats puttered in and out of the bay and a few seagulls flapped around overhead. As we came closer to the end of the beach I realised that I had been there before.

“Wait! I remember this….there’s a small hidden beach over that wall,” I pointed ahead of me. “I went to a party there with Andrea one evening.”
“ Yes, I know, you told me already,” said Carlo.
“I told you? When?”
“The last time we came here together.”
“I haven’t been here with you! You must have me muddled with someone else.”
“No, it was you. This was where I told you that I wanted to have children with you, I can’t believe you forgot.”

I think about this for a bit while we climb over the wall to the small hidden beach, but have absolutely no memory of being there with him. There is a big black rock in the middle of the beach and the water is crystal clear. We stretch out side by side and lie there for a while until the stones become uncomfortable and we stroll back towards the bike.

As we drive up the narrow path a sudden memory flashes back: winter, bitterly cold but sunny. Carlo and his old blue Vespa, black gloves and numb fingers, whispered promises and stolen kisses. So we had been there before, it must have been in that period when he was teaching me to drive his Vespa, when Skye was only an hopeful distant dream. I twisted round and watched the beach recede behind us, as we headed back up through the olive groves and along the coast searching for somewhere to have lunch.


  1. How cute! It must be the Italian male thing b/c my OH remembers many of those kind of moments as well whereas I'm usually thinking, "Really? We've been here?" Oops.

  2. well the promise about kids came true! quick... think... what else did he promise??

  3. wow, that's amazing! Aren't you glad he remembered? So sensitive, for a man! ;) The ship I work on has docked in Sorrento many times, yes, so many pasty tourists but beautiful all the same.

  4. Oh Nicki, you went to one of my preferred spots when I used to date a guy from Sorrento...
    Isn't that a lovely place?
    Thumbs up fo rCarlo fo rbeing so romanticly sensitive and remebering such details.

  5. What a lovely story! Reading this made me smile.

  6. What a stunning post and beautiful pictures...was a pleasure

  7. I so enjoy starting my day by reading the wonderful stories in your blog. Your pictures are also great...

    Will we soon be reading some more stories of how you and Carlos met :) I'm still dangling on the last post of you two meeting formally at New Year's Eve :)

  8. I can imagine that his feelings were somewhat hurt when you didn't remember something that he has obviously caressed for so long! That's so romantic of him! Bad girl Nicki. Bad girl. ;)

  9. I want to come to Italy at this moment. The description of the seaside towns getting ready for summer sounds so inviting. I want to sit at one of those tables and people watch.

  10. what a beautiful work you have!
    Thank you

  11. Really lovely Nicki. I'm so looking forward to seeing you. M xx

  12. :) what a sweet story.

    Isn't only April, why are tourist wearing shorts already? I can't imagine it's that warm.

  13. I agree with Annika. Bad girl Nicki for forgetting such a moment.

  14. I love this post and the accompaning photos. Sweet buried souvenirs.

  15. I am sooo happy i found your blog!

    A true kindred spirit!

    Lovely story - vibrant and magical..

  16. sometimes we get a chance to realize how much we underestimate men :)


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