Friday, April 13

la moda

Italians are known around the world for their suave sleek fashion sense. So when they visit supposedly glamorous resorts such as Positano they like to look their best. Often on a Sunday afternoon while sitting in the Piazzetta on the beach I remain open mouthed at some of the outfits that people choose to wear out in public and I only think it fair to share this with you. It might seem a bit harsh but it sure is fun. So to start with here are some fairly tame examples.

This ensemble would not look wrong on one of those ladies that stands on the side of a road.

Sunglasses, scarf and bag. Burberry chav or Burberry chic?

The stockings.With those shoes. And cropped jeans.

Aand just so that you know I'm not picking on only the Italians here is a tourist displaying her bum flosser.


  1. Hey Nicky, glad you didn't catch any of my exposed butt crack on film while I was basking like a whale on the beaches of POSAPOSA last week. Great to see you again sorry we didn't get to spend any quality time together but between Pasqua and the Baptism and visting the extended famiglia 10 days just translates into an Italian 10 minutes!! Big Squishes for little miss Poppy! Alison & Nico

  2. ooh, i've been wanting to do ap ost like this for ages, well ever since i moved to corsica. the problem is i'm chicken to take pictures like that in public. most of the "outfits" i see are worn by some fierce looking ladies and thus i fear they'll kick my ass if they see me. you have inspired me to go for it anyway!

  3. Ok...I do that too sometimes.
    Are we bad?
    I don't think so, in fact I believe they do "decorate" themselves in such way as to attract other people's attention.
    Especially the floss...always, I am telling you, always on awfully horrible asses...

  4. I'm grateful for this post, now that school is finished I can start thinking about what to pack. It's great to get an idea of what to wear in Positano to blend in! ;)

  5. I wonder if that poor girl has any clue about the red boots and the campfire girls?

  6. glad to see the Italians can be tragic dressers too

  7. hah, that's the firt time I've heard the term "bum flosser!!"

  8. I was surprised by some of the horrible outfits I saw people wearing in Italy. Not everybody looks chic. Glad to know it's not just me who noticed this.

  9. Urk!

    I once went into a McD's, and the woman (with two little children) at the table next to mine had a low slung pair of pants and a thong... and an ass all up in my face.

    If McD's ever been a less tasteless and horrifying sensation then than, I'm glad I haven't seen it...


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