Wednesday, April 18

La Selva

To combat the no exercise at school problem I try to take Skye out for a walk in the afternoons. Today we went to visit 'La Selva'. Nestled in the hills this old farmhouse had been abandoned for many years and left to ruin. But a young couple from Venice bought it and have created a self sustaining organic hideaway.

The pathway down to the farmhouse is steep and rocky with the usual perilous drops off the edge, I was invited to a barbeque here one evening a couple of years ago and there were no handrails at the entrance. It was quite terrifying inching along that clifftop with her strapped to my back. Now they have put handrails up and a rope to hold on to so it feels much safer. (In the second photo you can see the handrail on the left and the farmhouse below on the right.)

The farmhouse is surrounded by gardens bearing countless fruit trees and olive groves. There are vegetable patches, chickens, terraces to relax on and a stage overlooking the sea where in the summer yoga courses take place. There is a small selection of guest rooms to stay in, decorated simply with Indian throws and mezzanine beds with tree branches to climb up instead of staircases.

While Skye played with the owners daughter I sat on the grass and admired the view. At the bottom of the property is a pathway that leads direct to the cemetary. The shadows were starting to get longer so I called Carlo to see if he would wait for us while we walked down.

"Have you closed the cemetary? Can you wait for us, we're at the Selva?"

"I'll be here for a while yet, I'm just doing an exumation so come on down!"

"Oh...On second thoughts I think I'll stay here a little longer."


  1. Wow. Poppy is such a lucky little girl to grow up with such wonderful memories. Like taking walks with her mom (and dad too when he can) and playing on a swing with a view over the sea. It looks so serene and beautiful.

    P.S. Love the cactus! Love your blog too....


  2. How relaxing! Beam me up, Scotty. I want to enjoy it too today. --Annette

  3. Thanks for the link to this great place! I'd love to check it out!

  4. Funny how they can find out about your blog articles, such as the one about the playground, so quickly. I remember my third or fourth month in Perugia, someone said, "Tina, you're such a good writer!" I didn't quite understand until he said he'd found my blog.
    THEN, in Buenos Aires, a city of 11 million, I was about to leave a milonga when an Argentine man came up to me and said, "Hi, are you Tina? I love your blog!" Whoa - I'd only been in BsAs a week. Then again, the tango community is sort of small...

  5. really great idea this couple had... unique place

  6. What a beautiful place! Yoga would be so much better there than in a gym.

  7. I'd love to visit la selva but I just know there's no way my gf would go anywhere near that cliff edge...

  8. oh la vita e bella. I wish I were there doing a little yoga, a little relaxing, a little enjoying the view...At least I can live vicariously through your pics!

  9. What a beautiful place, the views are breathtaking. It's much better for Poppy to get some exercise there than in a school playground anyway. (Of course it be would best it she could have both!)

  10. "I'm just doing an exumation." lol


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