Wednesday, April 4


Last night it rained heavily. We awoke to waterfalls pouring down the mountainside outside the bedroom windows. The heavy rain also caused a landslide that happened at about 6am. It happened in between the two flowershops, near the Canneto bar on the main road running above the town.
Often we park our car here in the summer. Luckily we didn't last night. Unfortunately somebody else did...The road is closed until the area is declared safe and the mud is cleared up. Landslides are a part of life here, and it can happen that you go to visit someone in the next town and then find that you can't get back home. It can be very frustrating in the winter when there is no boat service, as the detour adds another 2 hours on your journey.
Many areas of the mountain above the road have been secured and wrapped in chicken wire over the last few years and part of the road towards Sorrento has even had a roof built over it to protect from falling rocks. But landslides still happen, usually in the most unexpected places.

Five years ago a very large piece of rock fell off the very top of the mountain. It smashed into smaller boulders that rolled down the valley, thankfully not anywhere near any houses. As you drive into town you can still see where the rock came away from. It is a different colour from the rest of the mountain, and if you walk up the side of it there is a huge crack where another piece is ready to fall.

A few years ago a friend was driving to Sorrento when a boulder came loose, tumbled down the mountain and knocked him off his motorbike. He was badly hurt and spent months in hospital. Thankfully he made a full recovery and still makes that journey every day.

Luckily no one was hurt this morning, someone doesn't have a car anymore but surely that is a small price to pay.


  1. glad that you all were not physically affected by the landslide...thanks for sharing the photos as well

  2. Nature certainly has her ways of reminding us who's in charge...!!

  3. Two way traffic on a barely one way street...a constant jam of cars, trucks, scooters, school buses, line buses...
    nature is DEFINITELY in charge.

  4. ciao nicki

    god, scary stuff.

    judging from the state of the cars when I was last in that part of the world, I suspect the owner of the fiat will just give it a good clean and put it on the road again.

  5. Scary stuff! I am glad you didn't park your car there as well. Also glad it was a car that got mashed, not a person.
    I will remember to bring my hard hat when I visit the Positano area :).

  6. landslides are a frequent here too especially during the monsoon season. glad you're alright and thanks for popping by my blog and for your lovely comment :)

  7. This post brought back sad memories of what happened to my Grandfather's town, Sarno, a few years back. The power of water is so amazing. Glad nobody got hurt.

  8. wow... glad no one is hurt!

    and good job on being a good citizen reporter once again-

  9. don't forget about that tragic landslide in ischia last year that killed a whole family...i would say that a car is a smaill price indeed.

  10. Everybody in Positano knows that nature is in charge.......a few less know that thanks to Police and volunteers two way traffic has been organized perfectly.Grazie.

  11. Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter


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