Tuesday, April 3


Time: About 5pm in the afternoon
Location: Cemetary

"Look, lots of letters! Can I climb up Mummy?"

"No, you know you're not allowed to sit on the tombs."

"But why?"

"Because they are full of skeletons and you must never sit on skeletons. They don't like people sitting on them"


"Yes, really."

"Oops! Oh no! Look Mummy, the letters come off. I've got an 'O'!"

"Hmmm, so the letters come off do they? Carlo, can I rearrange all the words?"

"No! They are not fridge magnets. Put the 'O' back and behave yourselves, both of you!"

"Daddy can we play hide and seek now?"

"Sorry, not now, I've got a hole to dig. Ask Mummy."

Time: Nearly midnight
Location: In bed

"Nik? How do you say resumzione in English?"

"Um, exhume or dig up I suppose..."

"Nik? How do you say il corpo in English?"

"The body, you should know that!" (Slight pause)"Hang on...dig up the body? You can't say that, it sounds awful! Wait, um....bones! Yes Say 'dig up the bones'."

"Yeah, you're right...in...Italy...we..exhume de bones aaf-ter some years. Is that OK?"

"Fine. Can we talk about something else now before I try to sleep please?"


  1. LOL - Poppy is so adorable! I might be a tad bid morbid but as a child, I loved visiting the cemetary. I always (and still do) find it fascinating looking at really old tombs. :)

  2. Cute, story.

    Why did Carlo want to know how to say "diggin' up bones??"

  3. that shot of Poppy saying "O" is priceless.
    Stories of "riesumazioni di scheletri ed ossa" a little less, I must admit.
    You're very brave to cope with this kind of stuff every day.

  4. I am wondering the same thing as Cherrye? or What is Carlo's job?

  5. I don't know what to say but I'm giggling an awful lot :D

  6. Ahhh...the pillow talk in your household is even better than that in mine! :)

  7. CHerrye and Meredith...Carlo runs the cemetary in this here town. It's only a small one so we have a kinda recycling project going on. If you want to read more click on the 'graveyard tales' tag in the sidebar.


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