Sunday, May 27

The Case of the Vanished Bride

A story in which my lack of self confidence is revealed.

Having been in contact with a bride-to-be for many months before the planned nuptials I was surprised and worried when two days before her wedding she vanished.

Over the last year we had emailed frequently, questions and advice on weather conditions, reception venues, florists and hairdressers. As recently as ten days ago I had advised against a daytrip to Ischia from here as the time it woiuld take getting there and back would leave little time to enjoy the island.

Finally the day came when the bride I was to make up arrived. I sent her my phone number and we made vague arrangements to meet up on the Thursday or Friday morning to do a make up test.

Wednesday and Thursday passed by with no word from the bride. By Friday lunchtime I was worried. I called the hotel to find out that she was only staying there after the wedding took place. I had no way of finding her.

By Friday afternoon my lack of self confidence had kicked in. I imagined sabotage! I became convinced that somebody was talking about me in a bad way. I imagined that the bride had been to have a try out at the hairdressers and while there had been convinced by the stylist that I was no good, a terrible disillusioned person. I imagined that the bride had been scared off me so badly that I would never hear from her again.

My reasons for feeling this way were not entirely without reason. The hairdresser in question was the mother of my ex-boss, the one I recently abandoned to reclaim my freedom. If, I thought wildly, someone is badmouthing me and has scared away my bride, they will do it to all my brides and I will never work again!

Fear gripped me and I ran to a friend, who coincidentally had married the week before and whose make up I had done with success. I explained the situation to her and she hugged me and reassured me that I was good at my job, there must be another explanation.

My friend decided to play detective and sloped off to the hairdressers, while I waited, nervously pacing around the piazza. “The case thickens.” She said as she returned, “the hairdresser claimed to have no bookings under the name of the bride.” With uncanny timing the florist appeared and was rapidly questioned by myself. He confirmed that he had flowers ordered for the mysterious bride the very next day.

“Maybe they argued and the wedding was called off?” Somebody offered.
I sighed. “It just seems so strange that she hasn’t called after all the help I gave her. She seemed so nice.”
There was nothing more I could do so I gave up and dejectedly went home, imagining my new career in ruins and the possibility of spending the rest of my life selling clothes in somebody elses shop.

Imagine my relief when at roughly 2130 that evening an email dropped into my inbox from the missing bride.

The poor girl had been rather unlucky. On arriving in Italy she found that her entire baggage, including the wedding dress had been lost, she had been misinformed on the quickest route to Pos, finally arriving at 3am. Her cellphone did not work in Europe, so clothesless and phoneless the last thing on her mind had been a make up test.

Luckily a few hours before the wedding, the cases were found and delivered. The hairdresser found the booking in an obscure diary and after creating a masterpiece of a hair-do, left me with fifteen minutes to transform the bride with my brushes and paints and watch as she glided gracefully, but rather late towards her husband-to-be.


  1. It is so easy to start thinking along those lines... and yet I bet that 99 times out of 100 there is a completely different reason that has absolutely nothing to do with us. I'm glad to hear that things turned out fine after all! Btw, I just checked your wedding makeup site, and noticed that there were a couple of new brides. Makes me want to get married again, if only for the possibility of having you do my makeup! Someday I'll show you our wedding photos... I had weird hair, and the makeup was all wrong with bad colors on me... but nevertheless everyone said that I was beautiful!

  2. You do have bad self-esteem! The first thing I thought was that her cell phone didn't work, having had the same problem on every visit to Australia!

  3. WOW! Glad it worked out!! I can certainly understand your panic but I'm sure you're wonderful at what you do ;-)

  4. being a glass half empty kind of person, I would have probably imagined all the horrors you did too, but when it comes to weddings, I suppose one must always be prepared for bizarre mishaps!

  5. Oh dear!
    That is funny, in a sort of way.

  6. But you did save the day...with very little time!

  7. My daughter was getting married in Alaska, but at that time I was living elsewhere. My task was to bring the wedding dress which she had ordered at a shop near my home. While waiting for a connecting flight in Seattle, I went into the restroom and hung the dress on a peg near the sinks. Just before boarding, I returned to the restroom and upon exiting I saw the dress bag... wow, that looks familiar I thought! Luckily I boarded with the dress in hand!

  8. It's so easy to let the wild-imaginings and dark fears take over, I do it so regularly I'm an expert now
    Glad it all, worked out

  9. poor bride. what an interesting story. but you must have many interesting stories to tell since you work with people when they are at their most vulnerable (happiest too).

  10. Nicki, you poor dear! Did you get your makeup from Palazzo?! You truly saved me and did an amazing job with what little time we had. I know for certain we will return to Positano. When I do, I'll be sure to ring you for a drink.

    Hugs from Austin,


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