Thursday, May 17

It was about midnight, the bedside light was still on, my book still in my hand, but I wasn't really reading it anymore. I could vaguely hear noises coming from the living room. Carlo had decided that midnight was an optimum time to reroute the wires between the TV, DVD, stereo and anything else in the vicinity with wires coming out if it.

I heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a loud blowing of air out of nostrils, like a horse does. A few seconds passed and he suddenly landed heavily on the bed next to me.
"Nik? Nik? I've just stuck a screwdriver through my hand. It hurts."

"You did what?"

I sat up and looked at his hand, half expecting to see a yellow handled tool sticking out of it. There wasn't. He was clutching a wad of tissues to his hand and even in the lamplight I could see that his face has gone pale.
"It nearly came out the other side. It hurts!"
"Is it bleeding? What can I do?"
"We should disinfect it. Come into the bathroom and help me."

Leaning over the sink I squirted disinfectant into the small screwdriver-tip shaped wound that gaped open, bloodlessly, like a small mouth.
"Go and sit down, I think I've got some of that tape to close wounds. It's here somewhere."
I turned away, rummaging through the medicine cupboard and just missed seeing him very gracefully and delicately pass out and fall to the floor.

His face was chalky white, almost green, but he started coming round immediately. His eyes opened and he looked at me in confusion.
"Don't move, you just fainted."
"No I didn't."
"Yes, you did, you're on the floor, see?"
He looked harder at me."Then why are you smiling?"
"I'm sorry!" I said, trying not to laugh, "I don't know, it just struck me as funny. I never imagined you as the fainting type."
"You're so mean! That disinfectant stings! I told you I felt dizzy."

He started to sit up. I tried to keep him down for a bit longer, but he refused. Demonstrating to me how manly he was he waved me away and turned back to finish his rewiring.


  1. poor carlo! how's the wound?...i hope it's not serious but do see a doctor just in case for peace of mind...take care

  2. OH - MY - GOSH! I can picture it perfectly... that's the most hilarious image I've had in my head for a long time. Except that it's not really funny, of course, as he hurt his hand, and I'm sure he was in a lot of pain and quite shocked, but .... it's still hilarous :D

    Then again I laugh at strange things. Andre pinched my armpit in the sleep last night and after my initial "OUCH!" I couldn't stop laughing for a good five minutes.

    You look so happy to have Dan by your side, that's a great picture of you two. Say hi to him from the one with the allergies! ;)

  3. Sounds familiar. Good thing it happened at your place and not his Mother's or you might still be at a hospital in Naples waiting for service!

  4. Carlo fainted????
    Come ON!
    I'm sorry I did nto read this earlier...I came across him and simply waved a ciao...I would've asked instead...
    Love the shot with Dan!

  5. Ouch! I can still remember my brother putting a key ring through his finger when he was little ....and my dad running around, trying to take him to hospital saying "Where's the car keys? Where's the car keys"....stuck on his finger of course!

  6. Your a make up artist, a mum, a partner etc... AND a nurse! HHhmm. l would say wonder woman comes to mind for you Niki.
    Sounds like it was painful hope Carlo is ok today!

  7. You look so happy with your brother. glad the weather didn't prevent his arrival.

    Will Carlo need stiches?

  8. If Carlo's mother finds out that you laughed at him in such a tragic situation, you're dead meat:)))

  9. my philosophy is that DIY should be left to the experts. that's my excuse for not doing any, and I'm sticking with it!

  10. Men! I do hope he is okay :)


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