Monday, May 21


The London Moonwalk took place on Saturday night, over 15,000 women walked the route of the London Marathon wearing their bras over their tee shirts, with a liberal sprinkling of feathers and sequins too. All to raise money for the Breast Cancer Charity.

If I had known about this walk I would have flown over to England a few days later than I did to participate. Unfortunately I didn't find out about it until it was too late...
But I would like to say a huge thank you to Tone, Kate and Helen who completed the 26 miles, wearing tee shirts with a photo of my Mum on the front, and raised £2364 between them. Thank you girls, and if you're (or anyone else) up for it again next year I'll join you!
Here is Tone's description of the walk:

I think the first 8 miles went really quickly, its all about overtaking the people in front of you and find some space where you can walk comfortably. They don’t close the roads so you use the pavements and quite a few miles was up and down the Thames embankment. We were doing the countdown to mile 13 because that was the half way mark, only to get there and realise how far you have to go again… by mile 15 – 19 I was never going to do the moonwalk again… by mile 20 I was so happy because we were in the 20's and I nearly cried with happiness when we got to mile 25.

They have volunteers all along the route and you get quite a few people cheering you on along the way as well. Of course around 3am you meet all the drunken clubbers on their way home which makes you laugh.

We did it in 6hrs and 48 min, we wanted to do it in 6 hrs 30 min, but forgot to take in to consideration all the people in the way and having to wait at traffic lights to cross big roads etc so very pleased with our time.

Between 3 of us we have raised £2364.95 and Helens work is going to pay another £1000 pm top of that.


  1. That's amazing, to walk for so long! It takes some strength. I would probably be tempted to run just to save time! Good for them to raise so much money for a good cause, and for your Mum's memory.

  2. Oh yes I heard about it on the radio...very nice and so important initiative !

  3. What a beautiful thing.

  4. I'm sorry about your mom. Cancer stinks. Take care...


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