Thursday, May 24

a party


“Mummy! Look what Anna gave me at school…lots of trucco (make-up)! I can wear it at the party!”
Five lipglosses? Where on earth did Anna get them from?

“Mummy! Can you take my necklace off because I want to wear the other one with the dool on it.”
Dool? Aah, she means jewel…

“Oh Mummy! This doesn’t go! It looks stupid. I want to wear that one to the party…oh, and I need lipstick too.”
This already at four years old? I am dreading fourteen.

“But Mummy! What shoes shall I wear with this dress? Can we go to the party now? I want to go now! Ooh wait, Mummy can you do the fingernails on my toes?”
“You mean toenails.”
“Yes, the fingernails on my toes, hmmm, I think I’d like them white!”
“Mummy! White looks funny doesn’t it? I know! Can I have them silvery pink?...Please?”

Finally we set out for the party. We make a slight detour first to go to another party, (of course the only two parties we have been invited to this year happen to be at the same time on the same day) an adults party where I fortify myself with a glass of prosecco, a slice of cake and some sausage rolls. I linger for as long as possible, but Skye twitches impatiently, so off to her party we go. It is a whirling mass of hyper children and mothers running, bouncing, hitting, bopping with balloons, eating, screaming, dancing, crying, playing, talking and laughing.
I stand quietly in the corner and observe.
Finally the cake is brought out and the goody bags are handed around. The goody bags were not what I expected...

“I want a balloon too!”

“I got a balloon! I got a balloon! Look Mummy, it’s pink and like a heart!”

“Fish! Look Mummy, fish! Me too, me too!”

“Skye, no! You can not have a fish. No fish! We don’t have anywhere to put it.”

“I want a fish! I put it in my bedroom?”

“No fish! Carlo! They’re giving out goldfish! What ever happened to a balloon and a slice of cake? Skye, no we can’t, Boomerang (the cat) would eat it all up.”

“Okay Mummy. I’m hungry, can I have some cake but not the cake that Daddys eating, my own cake please?”

On the way home:
"But Mummy, Grandads got a fishtank. Is it summer now? Because if it is summer we can go to England and I can jump on the trampoline and see Grandad, cos I want to see Grandad and then when I'm big we can go to DisneyWorld. I don't want to take my shoes off like Daddy, Dadda, perche non metti le scarpe? Can I have my bag? I want to play on the beach, not go home. I did a dream of Grandad I did Guarda! Che cosa stanno facendo? Look, there's Donato! Ciao! Io sono andata a una festa!I'm tired, lets go home, andiamo a casa Carlo!"

Rougly ten minutes later she was in bed fast asleep.


  1. Ma quante bellelle! Benedica.

  2. Oh my head, lol, ...but I must say you sure do handle it well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh no, goldfish? Were the parents perhaps the pet store owners with extra stock? I consider goldfish like roses - they only last a few days in my house. They used to give them as prizes at fairs when I was young...I think we killed at least 6 one summer. :(

  4. I see you went to one of those parties...
    Been there, done that and I hope the less the better...were the "entertainers" there as well.
    Those are THE BEST (he he he he...)

  5. haaaaaa how cute- i guess sweets have the same effect on children as bottles of proseco on adults!

  6. Was it at Puppetto? Did they really have sausage rolls? I can understand why they didn't have it at home!

  7. She calls you "mummy" and Carlo "Carlo" then? How alternative! The parties sound great - not sure about the goldfish though.

  8. LoL. She does have a lot of energy. Good luck with the goldfish. Did she name him yet?

  9. Those strawberry tarts look mouthwatering. :)


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