Wednesday, May 16

Giro D'italia in Positano

The roads out of town are closed, the school is closed, the town feels strangely empty with no cars passing through, so what does one do? Go with the flow and go watch the race, the Giro d'Italia.

First of all we needed a good viewpoint, somewhere where we could see the race arriving from down the coast, somewhere that wasn't too crowded...So I called my a friend with a flat in the right place and borrowed the keys. The view was perfect, probably couldn't have been better. We threw open the balcony doors and smirked smugly at the poor folk standing on the road below.

While we were waiting we had a picnic lunch that we had picked up from the deli earlier on. Pasta al forno, calzone stuffed with ricotta and salami, smoked mozzarella and a selection of vegetables. Outside the crowd grew excited, the Giro d'Italia was arriving.

Far down the coast we could see a long mass weaving around the curves followed by a procession of cars, police bikes and ambulances. The snakelike mass approached fast, we could hear the spectators on the other side of town cheer as the bikes flew past.

A pause as the race disappeared around a wide loop around the back of the town, and then, in the blink of an eye, they arrived, heading towards us at such a speed that before I had time to take the third photo, they had already gone, on their way to Sorrento...


  1. Damn, I just came home (finished earlier today, yay!) and turned on the TV, and now they're in Avellino. It would have been fun to see them cycling through the now more familiar villages along the coast, but I obviously missed it.

  2. They come through Forlì too but they always take that bit slowly unfortunately! Enjoy your time with your brother.

  3. Oh! I was right amidst the poor folk below from you... And did not see you either.
    Did you see on TV how they ALL fell in Gragnano? It was terrible and hilarious at the same time!

  4. Are these pix from the new camera??

  5. I 'm with you. I can't imagine riding a bike anywhere on the Amalfi coast. I think I would pass out.

  6. Annika, I ddon't think they showed the bit through the coast road.
    Dollyna, yes I saw them all fall...Ouch!
    Anonymous, yes thats my new camera, from now on I'll be using the Ricoh R6.

  7. The pictures alone make me queasy! Have fun with your brother.


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