Tuesday, May 29

tips for tourists

The main church is the very large yellow building with a tiled dome in the centre of town. It has a large square in front of it with mosaics and a compass embedded in the ground. You wouldn’t believe the amount of tourists that stand right in front of the church scratching their heads and wondering where it is, You can’t miss it.

There is no train station in Positano. It will do you no good pacing around looking for one. Get a bus, taxi or Ferry.

The beach is down at the bottom of town. So is the sea. It amazes me that some tourists walking uphill ask if they are going the right way for the beach. Think gravity.

There is no road at beach level in town. Standing on the pier and demanding a taxi whilst stamping your feet will not help. You will have to walk or pay the porters to carry you.

Do not presume that nobody can understand you because you are in a foreign country. The amount of wrong information (bullshit) I’ve heard people say to impress their friends is shaming. Also, commenting on people nearby can be risky because they will probably understand you.

It is perfectly normal for seafood to be served in its shells. It brings out the flavours of the food. It does not mean that the chef is too lazy to take the shells off.

If you have to have your group photos taken in the middle of the walkways and roads do it quickly. Some people actually have places to get to by a certain time and can’t spend all day waiting for photos to be taken.

Do. Not. Speak. To. People. Like. This. Ask them normally if they speak your language. Just because somebody is foreign doesn’t mean they are stupid.

If starting at the top of the town and heading down, don’t just plod down the road. Choose some steps to go down, explore a bit. You’ll come across hidden churches, piazzettas and villas. You can’t get too lost, all the steps come out on the road again at some point.

For the tourist at the bus stop yesterday: You were standing at a bus stop on the main road, dear. Not a cable car station. If you had looked around, you would have noticed that there were no cables, no machinery and certainly no cable cars, just regular buses. Get yourself to Capri or Disneyworld if you want cablecars.

And finally, don’t drink too much limoncello. You really will regret it later.


  1. Niki, we will be in Positano in less than two weeksand counting the days. We will try to behave ourselves!!!! Thanks for the tips!
    Gen from Minnesota

  2. Oops. Two weeks, counting the days!!! Hahaha

  3. I am guilty of the limoncello one. However, I have always been able to find the beach!

    Less than two weeks for me also.

  4. Sounds like great advice Niki. Too bad there are so many ignorant tourists.

  5. I wish I had time to go there tomorrow when the ship is docking in Naples (an unscheduled stop, since the water is a little rough today to lower tender boats in Sorrento). Usually we spend a lot more time in that area but not this year! I will have to be content with a quick pizza in our short stop in Naples! It is good to be in Italy again regardless of where it is.

  6. Ah, I see that tourist season has begun :D

  7. And dear tourist: Please do not demand that all stores take credit cards because Disneyworld takes credit cards. Italy is not Disneyworld. The store owners can accept whatever payments they want because they do not exist for you. The purpose of traveling somewhere is NOT to expect it to be like home. It's to discover a different place where people do things differently. Some of those people do not accept credit cards.

    Also, YES people live Italy. Those beauitful pieces of architecture are their homes. Italy is not an amusement park constructed solely for tourists to look at. Italy is a regular country where people live and go to work and try to make ends meet and have families. Italians are people. I can't believe how many times I've heard tourists say, "Wow, people actually LIVE here?"

    The limoncello rule also applies to prosecco.

  8. whenever visiting a place popular with tourists, I can't help but sympathise with the locals. I suppose it's the main drawback of living in one of the most beautiful places on earth though.

  9. Have you got an idea of how many times i have thought the EXACT same things?
    How many times I felt like slapping someone straight in the face for the very things you just mentioned?
    So, THANK YOU!

  10. Not all the steps lead to the road eventually. You would be amazed at how many tourists open the gate and walk right into our property thinking that it is a short cut to Fornillo beach. And have to be redirected up the steps to the Church they walked past where there is a sign that says "Spiaggia / Beach -> ". Don't forget Tourists, that gates are there for a purpose!

  11. Great tips! I thought if you drank enough limoncello gravity would also take you to the Beach! Very artistic shot of your beautiful daughter.

  12. so basicaly if the tourists want to blend in and act like locals, they should walk fast, roll eyes at the stupid tourists standing in the middle of the street and ... limit limoncello intake (hmm.. last one may be hard)


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