Monday, June 11

2 weeks ago,7.30am, the telephone rings, disturbing my sleep:

"mumble prontohello?"

"Pronto? This is the school. Is that Mamma di Skye?"


"We're just phoning to inform you that todays school trip has been cancelled because it rained last night."

"Okay, fine, thank you, bye".....zzzzzz

A few days ago at a more reasonable hour the phone rang again. (Let me explain that other than my family who call in the evening, the house phone hardly ever rings, so all calls in the daytime are treated as highly suspicious and are most often those annoying telesales people who introduce themselves as if they are your best friend. I usually cut them off in mid speil, tell them I'm not interested and hang up while they are still talking, because I'm nice like that.)Anyway, the phonecall...


"Pronto, this is the school, is that Mamma di Skye?"


"The school trip that was cancelled the other week will now take place next week. Children should be taken to the bus stop at the normal hour."

"Bus stop? We live right by the school so we walk. Should I just take her to school then?"

"NO! You must take the child to the bus stop."

"But there isn't one by the school! When will the bus pass by the school?"

"No school! I said bus stop!"

"Maybe you don't understand me. I'm telling you that my daughter has never taken the bus to school because we live nearby. Where does the bus leave from? Can you give me a time?"

"No. You'll have to ask the other mothers."

"Well, what have you told the other mothers that walk to school? The others that live nearby?"

"They know what to do. Ask them."

"Great. Thank you sooo much for your information, bye-bye now!"


  1. you should have asked them to provide 5 phone numbers of the OTHER mothers whose children are "walkers' so that you can go ahead and ask them what to do.

  2. I love these stories about your daughter's school, it makes the french system seem like a piece of cake.

  3. You could do a television show just on what you and your daughter have encountered with that school? Did she catch any edible fish?

  4. Italian school system.
    I really, really hate it.

  5. I hope you have a way of contacting the other mothers... sheesh!

  6. unbelievable!


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