Thursday, June 21

One absolutely stunning bride in a shimmery sparkley dress.
Two pedicures out on the balcony for two bridesmaids.
Three manicures for three bridesmaids, inside due to make up artist suffering sunburn.
Four finished bridesmaids in simple but lovely ivory dresses.
Five thirty already and everyone is running late.
Six o clock, half an hour late, but the bride arrives at the church in an open top Fiat 500 decorated with real lemons.
Seven happy women fully made up, manicured, pedicured and polished by me.
Eight hundred and something steps down the mountain to home with my big black bag clanking at my side.
Nine is the time that my daughter will be banished to bed for the night.
Ten is the time I started and when it is ten again, this evening...I want to sit...just sit...on the sofa...with a glass of wine...and all.


  1. That's what I call a full day at work! :)

  2. I wish I could have been there! If I ever have a special event in Positano, you can be my artist, but you can work in the shade and drink prosecco at the same time. How bout that.

  3. See, it all turned out for the best. Your decision to turn your life around and quit your job was again the right one for you. I know it is tiring but I bet you're really happy now. You're doing what you like.
    In case you're wondering I'm still in the hugest mess you could think of...

  4. And a Partridge in a lemon tree!

  5. very productive! ....i want a pedi!

  6. Gen in MinnesotaJune 22, 2007 at 3:17 PM

    You are one busy girl! We are home from vaca and are sorry to have missed you in Posi. My friend and I looked for you on the pier at the St. Vito's festival but no luck. We traveled with friends who were on their first trip to Italy so it was crazy and we planed, trained, sailed, and drove all over the country! Enjoy that beautiful summer in Positano....

  7. Nicki, glad to hear things are going so well!

  8. Make-up is one of my passions and I would have loved to have trained as a make-up artist. But I tend to have perfectionist tendencies and I would be too scared of doing it wrong or them not liking it. So I didn't pursue the dream :-(


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