Saturday, June 23

These stairs are called the Scalinatella. When I first came to Positano they seemed like a never ending staircase, and I'm talking about the stairs that you see in the photo, not the ones that continue around the corner! Nowadays, they seem like a small staircase, easy and pleasant to walk up compared to some of the stairways that I have to climb.

On the way to the cemetary I found this kitten and its mother sitting on a wall. In the shade not far away was another identical kitten, this one with an eye infection. Its eyes were sealed shut with gunk, and it lay in the corner weakly. We have found so many kittens like this and often have taken them home, cleaned up their eyes, medicated them and fed them, but this kitten was too far from home. There were a lot of houses nearby though so hopefully someone took pity on it.

"Oooh, Mummy, look at the scary babies!" These larger than life babies were left on this bench while their market stall owner set up his toy stall for a recent festival in town.

It's a small town and there is always someone you know just around the corner. Sitting at the back of the bus one day I turned around to see Carlo following the bus on his bike. Sitting behind him is his niece who has the most beautiful corkscrew curls. She had kindly offered to babysit and stay the night while Carlo and I went to a wedding party....

Which is something that never occured to me before I had Skye: After you have children you will never have a late night out again in your life because babysitters will not 'sit' until much past midnight, therefore you are forced to 'do a Cinderella' and dash home early before the clock strikes 12. Which is really bad for your social life in a village where the fun doesn't start until about 1am.


  1. doesn't look like Martina! I LOVE her hair, it reminds me of mine at her age (ahem, many years ago...).
    Reading this post I appreciate even MORE my parents.
    Those are cute little kitty cats.

  2. The stairs up to "my" villa...who knew they had a name! lol

    Oooh, reading this makes me think of something...check your email later tonight or tomorrow morning! :-)

  3. beautiful little "day-in-the-life" stories and usual :) I have a photo of that red archway in the first photo. I thought it was just a nice entrance. Those cats look like one of our cats when he was smaller! So cute.

  4. Oh! I have a picture of those scary babies, too! I took it to kiddingly tell my daughter that they will be my grandchildren since I don't have any! Hahaha They WERE scary!

  5. I immediately emailed Sharon the scoop of Carlo on his scooter.

  6. Those stairs brought back so many memories as you know l was living at the apartment across from them and had to climb them every day!! l miss them now they were so good for my legs!!
    Those babies look so eerie.. Hope you and Carlo had a great time at the wedding and that you have found a reliable baby sitter...

  7. for a split second I thought those babies were real. haha

  8. Wow, those baby dolls are freaky!!

  9. Those babies are extremely scary! I hate dolls!


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