Friday, June 8

The three intrepid explorers launched their kayak in the still waters of the ocean and paddled southwards. Weaving their way through the cluster of small fishing boats and yachts they soon arrived in uncharted waters as their small village receded behind them.

The air was still, the sky hazy with mist. The only sound to be heard was the splash of the paddles in the water as the kayak moved along coastline, passing small deserted beaches and rocky cliffs. A dark hole appeared in the rocks in front of the explorers and they paddled closer to take a look.

Cautiously they edged the kayak into the mouth of the cave and were surprised to see light ahead of them. It was a tunnel, about 5 metres long, with daylight filtering in from underneath the water, creating an effect that bathed the inside of the tunnel in a turquoise light. “Wow!” gasped the smallest explorer in awe, “it’s beautiful.”

After a while the explorers were hungry. They pulled up their kayak onto a wide shingle beach and sat down to eat. Frittata di spaghetti, arancini di riso, mixed grilled vegetables and some squidgy half melted chocolate bars, all prepared and packed for them in the village store that morning.

Satisfied and full they set out on their journey. There was a tower up ahead, rising from the rocks. Was it inhabited? Cautiously they sailed past, but there was nobody there, the place was abandoned. Onwards they went, noticing a small village in the mountains above the sea. The coastline was rocky, seagulls perched on ledges, squawking loudly. The smallest explorer watched the coastline carefully for enemies and bandits as the other explorers paddled.

Another dark hole appeared in the cliff. Could this be it? Slowly and silently the explorers guided the kayak through the mouth of the cave. It took a moment for their eyes to adjust to the darkness, but when they did they rejoiced.

The cave was big, very big, the roof rose up like the dome of a cathedral and water dripped from it in fat drops that hit the dark waters with an echo. They paddled further in and the light from the small entrance receded. It was hard to see but it looked like there was an opening at the back, a dry cave. The walls were shiny with moisture and the atmosphere was uneasy. The explorers didn’t feel safe anymore, maybe there was a dragon or monster in the back of the cave, ready to pounce.

Quickly they paddled back outside in to the daylight, laughing at themselves for being scared. As they drifted away from the cave they came across a large jellyfish. It was translucent but tinged with lilac and the dome of its body seemed to glow eerily. The male explorer expertly scooped it up on his oar so that the others could get a closer look. It was dense and heavier than it looked. As he lowered it back in the water it started to pulse delicately again.

The youngest explorer let out a cry and pointed to the horizon. She had spotted another kayak, hiding amongst the rocks. An enemy watchman! It was time to head back into safe waters before being ambushed. So as the hazy sky turned a delicate shade of orange the intrepid explorers paddled back to their village to report their finds to their clan.


  1. I remember that there were lots of caves along the coastline - both towards Sorrento and Amalfi. A kayak ride seems like the best way to explore them!

  2. Beautiful!

    Like The Famous Five for grown ups!

  3. ...Pirates of the Tirrenean...
    on a kayak!

  4. That is such a cool photo. At first, all I saw were 5 feet and was very curious as to where the sixth foot was. Then I refreshed and it showed up! lol

  5. Wonderfully written!

  6. That has to be the cutest photo I have ever seen! I piedi della famiglia!

  7. you are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful place...look forward to reading more of your adventures

  8. I loved reading this post...I felt like a little kid filled with anticipation of what was going to happen.

    Great job and it sounds like quite a magical adventure. To think, it's all outside your front door.


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