Saturday, June 30

Tracies visit

The ferry came in and she wheeled off her case,
We went to the beach where she burned her tummy, not her face,
We walked round the shops, Prada, Diesel and Missoni,
We were invited on a boat trip but then someone phoned me,
The boat was too full so we went to a bar
and drank wine in the sunset with friends from afar.

The next day we stayed home in pyjamas 'til late
Then we went to a cafe and ate lots of cake,
On to a book swapping party at a friend who lived near,
Then more cake and prosecco at a party on the pier.

The day didn't end there, we went uptown for dinner,
And walked back downtown in a bid to get thinner.
We stopped to take photos of the moon and the sea
And drank cocktails in a bar that was rather swanky.

We arrived home at one with still lots to say
But it was late so we saved it for another day
Early the next morning she left to go home
Where soom I will visit her, maybe alone.


  1. Lovely :)

    Can you make sure to keep her in the area when I come down next time?

  2. ha love the poem! rap it to me yeah yeah! wheeee! :)))))

  3. You have too much fun!

    I love the picture of the moon!


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