Monday, July 9

dead mans cave

The three intrepid explorers set off once again to explore the coastline and search for forgotten treasures. The sun beat down on them as they paddled in time with each other and many strange boats passed them by. A small wooden boat with a coloured beach umbrella in place of a sail, a slightly bigger boat with a big red fish instead of a sail, full of gawping people that were not from around these parts, and strangely a large ice breaker ship, moored in a bay not far from the town.

Suddenly a pirate ship appeared from around the point. It was an evil looking ship with rum-swigging pirates leering from the deck and it was gaining on the three explorers.
"Quick, we have to hide!" yelled the smallest explorer, jumping up and down in fright.
"No fear," said the big explorer, there is a cave nearby, we'll be safe there, quick paddle, before the pirates see us!"
"Dead mans cave!" whispered the middle sized explorer, as they carefully backed into the cave. It was narrow in there, too narrow to turn the canoe around, and they needed to see if the pirates were coming. Drops of water fell from the ceiling making the explorers shiver as they waited silently, hoping to escape capture.
"Why is it called Dead Mans cave?" asked the small explorer.
"Maybe a dead man was found here once?" said the middle sized explorer.
"No!" whispered the big explorer, "the cave gets its name from the colour you turn when you swim in the waters here. Go on , put your hands in and you'll see what I mean."
All three explorers stretched their hands over the edge of the canoe and plunged them into the icy cold waters. The hands took on a ghostly pale green colour as if the life had been sucked out of them.
"Also, because if you swim in this cave your skin becomes cold and clammy like that of a dead man. There is a freshwater spring that comes out here into the cave and the water is very cold. You can't swim in it for very would freeze."
"Ooh, but look how beautiful the water looks over this side! Look at the colours from the sunlight. It's so clear!" The middle sized explorer would have liked to jump in and swim in the blue waters, but it was very dark in the cave, there might be monsters lurking in the deepest corners. She decided it would be best to stay in the canoe.
Slowly they inched towards the cave entrance to look. The coast was clear, the pirates had sailed away in search of trouble and treasure. The three intrepid explorers paddled on towards a small beach where they ate heartily after their small adventure.


  1. oh look at that water! Amazing!

    The only water I see around here is the one falling down from the sky. That, too, is very cold, but not nearly as beautiful as yours.

  2. no matter how many times I see that cave, I fall in love with it each and every time in spite of the scary name it carries...

  3. Oh man, the hand photo is freakishly scary.
    Annika, it's still raining over there? WOW

    "Drops of water fell from the ceiling making the explorers shiver as they waited silently, hoping to escape capture."

    That sentence alone made the hairs on my arms stand straight up!

  4. I love the story of the always pulls in my imagination! Love the cave!

  5. What a beautiful spot even if the cave does make you look ghoulish


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