Wednesday, July 4

"Mummy? One day can we go to a castle, like where princesses live and have a picnic?"

"You mean a castle like the one we went to in England?"

"Yeah, or like that one there.." She pointed to one of the old signal towers that dot the coastline, and nowadays are mostly private homes.

"Well we couldn't have a picnic in that one, it belongs to somebody. I went there once with Daddy."

"You did? Where was I?"

"It was before you were born."

"Well where was I then? Was I in England?"

"No! You weren't anywhere. You didn't exist."

"Was I at home then?"

"No,...Um, before you were in Mummys tummy. Mummy and Daddy hadn't decided to make you yet, so you weren't here."

"Well where was I then?"


"Where then? Was I in your tummy?"

"No, you weren't even in my tummy then, it was before."

"No, Mummy, I was in your tummy..your tummy is not nowhere, silly!"


  1. seriously Niki- silly!

  2. You *are* silly! Your tummy being nowhere. I don't know where you get these crazy ideas ;)

  3. Ha Ha, I remember having this conversation with my oldest when she was around the same age as Poppy. She had basically the same questions, and they were repetitive. So, to finally put an end to it, I said that all Mommies have 'seeds' in their tummy. In order for those seeds to grow, they need a Daddy's love. If the Daddy is not there, the seeds will never grow. So really, she was always there in my belly, but she just couldn't grow into a baby until Daddy came along. ;) She was content with that and never asked me again. I was going to use the word egg, but thought to myself that she would probably think I was a chicken!
    Now, it's telling her how babies come out is the next subject to tackle as that has been her most recent question!

  4. Aww so sweet. But you were lucky to escape the "but how did I get there?" question :-)

  5. Your little one is so cute. Has Poppy seen the castle as you enter Maiori. l know you cant go inside because its closed off but sitting on the beach and looking over at it is still lovely. It is so pretty.

  6. Alexander has always had his own answer to this question: He didn't not exist; he was in heaven. I can't argue with him on that. That's where people go where they die, and obviously that's where babies wait to be born.

  7. Already with this kind of questions?
    I ahven't been tricked in yet...but I guess the tiem will come soon.
    Anyway it's clear that you can't win over Poppy.

  8. Your little girl is too precious. I love your stories!

  9. Hehe, too cute! Actually I spent sometime in a castle when I was her age, as my mum went to nursing school with the future Lady Byron. I've got photos of me at three and a half fencing with Lord Byron sr. with sticks ;-)

  10. I love hearing these stories about Poppy!

  11. hello, really Nicki!

    haha. She is too cute.

  12. Children are so remarkably perceptive - we should listen to them far more! ;-)


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