Thursday, July 5

Squash shelf

Just outside the cemetary gates is a squash bush. Bush? Plant, maybe? Big hairy leaves trailing over the old crumbling wall and hidden beneath them, squashes that grow and grow.
Some of them become so heavy that the owner of the squash bush has built little supporting shelves and seatbelts to stop the veggies falling to the floor.
I counted four strapped in squashes sitting on their own individual shelves, with stretchy straps leaving room to grow more.
This one in the photo does not have its own mobile phone, I put mine there to show how big the squash was.


  1. I love the seatbelt, what a clever idea!

  2. That is a HUGE squash! It's good that it's being kept on a leash.

  3. This is a great post but would have been even more hilarious if the owner really had bought the squash its own mobile phone ha ha :-P

  4. How come the squash doesn't have it's own cell phone?


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