Monday, July 30

The pool at Parco dei Principi

What to do when the beach gets boring but it is too hot to go anywhere without water to immerge yourself in? The pool of course! Sadly one of the things Positano lacks is a public swimming pool so we decided to get up early and hunt around Sorrento for a mysterious new public pool that we had heard of.

We tracked the pool down to a campsite and were disappointed to fine an extemely small pool full of people in swimming caps. A nearby sign warned in many languages that 'the bonnet must be worn at all times in the pool'. Visions of hairy wet men in frilly Easter bonnets swam through my head.

"I'm sorry, but I am not wearing a swimming cap and honestly speaking I don't want to see you in one either. Lets go somewhere else,"
We ended up at Parco dei Principi, a hotel that looks like an old pink castle, set in leafy gardens overlooking Sorrento. The pool is open to everyone, at a price of course. Ten euros gets you entrance and a deckchair, but you can stay all day,and even though the price is steep, it's a nice change from the gritty salty beach once in a while.

There is a kids pool with a fountain that 'rains' on you, a fast twisty slide, a shallow bit that you can sit, lie or paddle in, a snack bar and very clean bathrooms that even provide toilet paper (a rare bonus in Italy).Best of all nobody is obliged to wear a bonnet.


  1. This pool looks glorious!

    I nominated you for a "Schmooze Award"!

  2. I agree! that pool looks like a little summer paradise! Ah, summer!..

  3. I would LOVE to lounge by that swimming pool... :)

  4. That pool does look amazing!

    Perhaps I can add that to my never-ending list of things to do the next time I'm there!

  5. Sure, swimming caps are great for the hair, although to be able to fit your hair into a swimming cap it had better be a HUGE one... but frankly I would rather not swim than wear a swimming cap.

    "the beach gets boring" blah blah blah ;) I'd be thrilled to have a beach to go to - or more exactly, to have the appropriate weather for going to the beach.

  6. and not too crowded! can you get cute alcoholic drinks with umbrellas at the snack bar?

  7. I hate going to those pools that require a swim cap!

  8. I *like* swimming caps! It's miles better than getting a mouthful of someone else's hair!

  9. That's where I stay in Sorrento. Nice place, quite and remote. You should have went for lunch at Zio Sam's down the road. There's a history to that hotel. Besides being the palace of the Colonna family, there's a chapel on the grounds dedicated to St. Peter. It's where he was to have stopped on his way to Rome and to have converted the local populace. The chapel is rarely open. My family used to live within walking distance of there...not like anybody cares.

  10. that is great. I just found your blog and I am envious of the life that you choose. I am lucky enough to be going to Perugia in central Italy (far away from any 'boring' beaches ;)



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