Sunday, August 19

Music on the Rocks with kid in tow

"Do you realise that we haven't been to a nightclub since before Skye was born?" Carlo suddenly pointed out, as we sat on the beach eating pizza one evening.
"Yeah, but only because babysitters don't exist after midnight. I'd love to go dancing, but what would we do with Skue?" I looked longingly towards the end of the beach where the only remaining club in town was, a natural cave transformed into a subtly lit discoteque.

"We could take here with us..?" I suggested, cutting a small triangle of pizza for her and folding it so that it wouldn't drip.
" Don't be stupid, it doesn't get busy until after midnight, she'd be too tired."
"So lets go now then!" I glanced at my watch, it was just gone 9.30pm. I gathered up the empty pizza boxes, folded them and crammed them into the nearest bin. "Come on Skye, we're going to go and dance in a big cave!"
"Really?" She asked doubtfully, "dance in a big cave?"

We spent an hour inside, leaning up against the bar, chatting to the barman, dancing on the big star on the floor. It wasn't the most sociable evening, there really was nobody else there, we were a couple of hours too early...but it was fun all the same. And it has also inspired us to search harder for an occasional babysitter that might not mind staying the night. Just once.


  1. Oh Niki, I'd babysit till 3 in the morning for you if I was in Italy. I use to babysit till then all the time! Sometimes I thought the parents were running away for good! lol (They have 6 kids - 5 boys under 10, and one girl

  2. I love to tell people I went dancing in a cave!!

    Glad to hear you had a fun evening.

  3. whilst drinking Ruffino in the yard with friends we were discussing Positano and how much fun we would have there, just one discoteque? We'd definitely have to make the most of the cave...can't Carlo's parents babysit or his brothers? I'd definitely do it if I were there.
    So glad you wrote today!!!
    L from Toronto

  4. Nicki, you should have called me...Noodle LOVES dancing there and it would hav ebeen good company for Poppy.
    Now that works are almost finished you can leave Poppy to me overnight and go paaaartying all night with Carlo. You need to do that every now and then.

  5. that club looks sooo cool. i wanna go!

  6. I love to dance -
    often I twirl at home
    to my music -
    but...a that is enchanting;)


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