Tuesday, August 28

"Look Mummy! I did a picture!"
"oh, thats sweet...er, what is it?"
"I wanted it to be a cat..but now it doesn't look like a cat. I don't like it anymore."
She slammed the pen down onto the table and started to sulk.
"Well, maybe it could be a jellyfish with whiskers?" I suggested.
"No...its a jellyfish cat, thats OK."

Later on she limped up to me in the kitchen. "Mummy I got that funny thing on my foot."
"What funny thing?" I asked looking at her foot which seemed completely normal, small , tanned and a little grubby.
"Um, I got noodles and poodles on my foot."
"Huh? Oh, you mean pins and needles?"
"How do I make them go away?"
"Wiggle your foot a lot."
So she lay upside down on the sofa for a while, wriggling and kicking, shouting out "go away noodles and poodles! Go away!!" Sure enough, they went and she was cured.


  1. Poodles and noodles! That is just gorgeous!

    Allow me to adopt it as my Expression of the Day!

  2. hee hee, that's so adorable...
    lo gatto cat picture is too! Meow

  3. Awww so cute. noodles and poodles.. I am adopting that expression too!

  4. I like the drawing. Very cute.

  5. Tell Poppy that Alexander thinks it looks like a hattifnatt (a creature from Moomin.. image can be found here)

  6. That Jellyfish Cat is very special!!

  7. My sister commented it looked like an Octopus cat...very cute.

  8. Does that drawing scare you at all?


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